Magical Warfare: Episode 6 – “Battle and Recovery”

Magical Warfare focuses on Takeshi Nanase, and what happens after a chance meeting with Mui Aiba and gains the ability to do magic. Takeshi’s friends, Isoshima and Ida, get caught up in what’s taking place and also acquire magical abilities. Mui takes them to the world where magicians live; it’s a place where time has been distorted and it’s known as the Ruined World. During episode two, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida transferred into the Subaru Magic Academy to study magic.

This episode sees the mission to recover Tsuganashi Aiba commencing. Momoka hands Mui a bullet that contains Binding Magic that can seal magic power; by using this, she should be able to capture her brother without hurting him. Oigami and Hotaru are brought in by force, and everyone leaves after Momoka casts magic to create a door.

When they make it through the door, they are greeted by Tsuganashi and Washizu (the white-haired guy with glasses who hadn’t been named prior to this episode). It turns out they’re doing a hostage exchange: Tsuganashi for Oigami and Hotaru. After Oigami and Hotaru are put into the car and sent away, Momoka and Washizu head off to battle with each other.

Quite a bit of the episode focuses on Momoka and Washizu’s battle. During the fight, the dialogue finally starts revealing some backstory for both of these characters. I wish some of this information had come out a little earlier in the series, because I might have been more interested in it prior to this point. This climaxes into an epic battle, and it appears that both characters may have been defeated.

While this is going on, Tsuganashi battles with Mui, Takeshi, and Ida. After a bit of a struggle, they are able to corner Tsuganashi. When the time is right, Mui puts the special bullet into her gun and fires…

This episode essentially wraps up the storyline with Tsuganashi. However, it’s revealed at the end of the episode that someone new is taking Tsuganashi’s place in the Trailers, and I found it to be rather predictable who it ended up being. Between seeing the character’s silhouette at the end of this episode, as well as something that was said in episode five, it’s easy to figure out who it is.

During the fight between Momoka and Washizu, it’s implied that Momoka may not be quite as innocent and on the up-and-up as she portrays herself to be. There’s a couple of references to someone named Kazuma and that he will be awakening soon, and apparently Momoka has some connection to them. I suspect this Kazuma person will be a running thread through the second half of Magical Warfare.

While there was some character development and information revealed here, it was a little too late for it to help make me care much more about this series. Magical Warfare isn’t necessarily a bad series, but some of the development and exposition isn’t as strong as it could be; because of that, I’ve found myself having a hard time truly caring about the series and the characters that inhabit it. However, since I’ve already made it halfway through the series, I’m going to see it through to the end and see if maybe it might get better.

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