Masayoshi shows up at Hidenori’s apartment, and Hidenori hands him a gas mask. Hidenori makes a phone call, and the police try to force their way into the apartment. After donning their gas masks, Hidenori shoots some gas at the officers, and he and Masayoshi make an escape. Harazuka picks them up in a car and whisks them away to a location that’s being used as a secret base. Here, they find Konno, and they talk about the vote coming up the next day on the Ban of Vigilante Activity bill. Masayoshi says they have to stop the prime minister, and the others say they’ll give Masayoshi the help he needs. Mr. Justice arrives and says he’ll help, too.

The next day, the group heads toward the Diet, where the vote is being held. Just as the vote numbers are being announced, Masayoshi crashes into the chamber, and he’s wearing his Samurai Flamenco outfit. Hidenori joins in the action, announcing himself as Samurai Policeman. I found it really amusing when someone in the chamber accuses Hidenori of being a cosplay freak.

The press is evacuated, and the audio is cut; only video is transmitting from the room. The Prime Minister tells everyone else to leave, and they do. It’s revealed that the Prime Minister is really Okuzaki Flamenco Shintaro, and that he has armor that serves as the country’s secret weapon. The armor is strengthened as his public support grows. There’s a major battle between Samurai Flamenco and the Prime Minister that takes place for most of the episode. Samurai Flamenco receives some unexpected help that turns the tide of the fight. And, as should be expected from this series by now, there’s a major plot twist revealed right at the end of the episode.

In my writeup for Episode 16, I had mentioned that I thought the Flamenco Girls would play a part to help Masayoshi. It turns out that I was right, but that their part wasn’t as big as I had expected. Hidenori ended up playing a bigger role than I thought, and he seemed to be putting his police badge on the line with the assistance he was giving to Masayoshi. It turns out he’d been talking with Harazuka and plotting the actions that ended up taking place in this episode to help Masayoshi.

The major plot twist in this episode definitely sets the stage for another story arc to happen. Considering the fact there’s only five episodes left, I’m willing to wager that this will be the final arc for the series. I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the story is going in next, but it turns out I have to wait an extra week. Episode 18 won’t be available on Crunchyroll until February 27, 2014. Since I’m a free user, I have to wait until March 6, 2014 in order to see the episode.

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