Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha: Episode 5 – “Jellyfish, Friends, Summer Storm”

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha focuses on a middle school named Inari, and she’s in love with her classmate, Kouji Tanbabashi. One day, she overhears Kouji and a popular girl named Sumizome, and it sounds like they’re talking about a love confession letter from Kouji to Sumizome. Upset, Inari runs to a nearby Inari shrine that she’s loved and visited since she was a child. Uka, the resident god of the shrine, grants Inari’s wish, which is to be Sumizome. After physically turning into her but still having her own personality, she wants to return to normal. While Uka can’t return Inari to normal, she is able to give her a portion of her power, which is the ability to transform into other people. Uka also gives Kon, the fox that Inari rescued, to serve as her familiar.

The majority of this episode focuses on Inari going on a trip to the beach with her parents, Keiko, Marutamachi, and Sumizome. It’s very obvious to the audience early on that Marutamachi doesn’t want Sumizome to be around. Inari finally realizes it while she and Marutamachi are talking together and Marutamachi keeps trying to change the subject when Inari mentions Sumizome. Marutamachi says she doesn’t hate Sumizome, it’s more like they’re not on the same wavelength.

Meanwhile, Sumizome and Keiko are talking together. Sumizome says gets the impression that Marutamachi doesn’t like her. Keiko explains that it can take Marutamachi a little while to warm up to people. When Sumizome says she’s never had any friends who’d invite her along on trips, Keiko says that Marutamachi didn’t have any friends until middle school. By the end of this conversation, Sumizome and Keiko seem to get along pretty well together.

That night, the four girls stay in a cabin that Inari’s parents are renting, and the atmosphere is extremely awkward. When Inari suggest they watch TV, Sumizome says she’ll go out to get some drinks. After she leaves, Inari and Marutamachi have a fight, which ends with Inari storming out of the cabin. While she’s out, she sees Sumizome being bothered by a guy who had approached her on the beach earlier and had been chased off by Keiko. Inari uses her power to transform into Keiko to save Sumizome. Unfortunately, this decision ends up having unexpected consequences that could seriously affect Sumizome’s friendship with Inari and the others.

So episode five saw this series have its festival episode, and now episode six is the beach episode. How long until we have the school cultural festival episode?

This was definitely an episode aimed at character development and not so much on progressing the overarching story. That’s all right, though, because character development was definitely needed. Right now, things look rather dicey for Sumizome becoming a new friend for Inari and her group of friends. I really hope that they can somehow work through the issues they’re experiencing and become a group of four friends. Because if they don’t, it’s going to add a layer of stress for Inari.

Uka was barely seen in this episode, although at one point, it’s hinted that perhaps Touka may have some kind of feelings for Uka. And near the end of the episode, while Inari and Sumizome are outside of the cabin that night, Uka is shown as being out of breath after something unexpected happens to Inari.

I’ve come to enjoy Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, and I’m now looking forward to watching it week after week. I’m looking forward to seeing episode seven to find out what will happen to Inari and her friends, as well as what’s going on with Uka.

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  2. Kaori Mizumi · February 20, 2014

    I read this manga ages ago and I was dying when I knew that they were gonna have an anime, and now that there is, I LOVE IT!

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