The first half of the episode focuses on Natsume and the reactions she gets at school after it was revealed in Episode 17 that she’s been posing as a boy. Natsume is nervous about returning to school, and notices people looking at her and pointing at her as she walks down the street. However, when she runs into Tenma he treats her as if nothing is different.

When Natsume enters the classroom, she bows and apologizes to her classmates. Several students thank her for saving them, and they seem to forgive her for her deception. When Kyoko enters the classroom behind Natsume and the others, she doesn’t say a word and simply heads to her seat.

A little later, it’s revealed that Kyoko was mistaken about who she met and made a promise to years ago when she visited the Tsuchimikado home. For years, she had assumed it was Natsume, but it turns out it was actually Harutora. Harutora beats himself up for not remembering this until Kyoko pointed it out to him.

At the beginning of the second half, Natsume, Harutora, and Touji see a news report about the Tsuchimikado family home burning down to the ground. Most of the rest of the episode shows what happened at the Tsuchimikado house leading up to the fire. The members of the Tsuchimikado family have disappeared, and the Raven Coat has been taken from the residence by a Yakou devotee.

Right at the end of the episode, Jin receives an unexpected visitor, and is given some information that corroborates my theory that the Suzu that Harutora met earlier in the series is actually Suzu Saotome.

In my writeup for Episode 17, I commented that I hoped to see reactions to the revelation of Natsume’s secret. With Episode 18, I can say that I got my wish! And I really wasn’t disappointed with how it was handled.

But now a mystery has been introduced: where have the members of the Tsuchimikado family gone? Before seeing the news report, Harutora received a text from his father stating, “Things are fine on our end. Don’t worry,” so this tells me the family seems to be OK. The question of where they are still remains.

The scene with Jin was quite interesting. Not only did we get confirmation about Suzu, but we were given information as to who the kid is that we saw with her not too long ago. The identity of the kid is not what I expected. Also, the relationship between Jin and this person was also something I didn’t expect.

Tokyo Ravens continues to include the plot twists and turns that keep me interested in watching this series week after week. I’m looking forward to Episode 19 in order to find out where this series is headed to next.

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