Hamatora: Episode 6 – “File 06: The Prophet’s Torment”

Hamatora is set in Yokohama in 2014. In the world of this series, humans with supernatural abilities have been discovered; they are referred to as Minimum Holders. Two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki have formed a detective agency called Hamatora, and they rent out a table at the Nowhere Café and call it their office.

At the beginning of the episode, Ratio and Birthday see a news report about an illustrator named Chiyuu entering into a collaboration with a Hollywood director named George Maykid. They comment that they both knew her back in high school.

After the news report, Chiyuu is kidnapped, and her manager approaches Ratio and Birthday for them to take on the case. Chiyuu had instructed that if anything happened to her, to contact Ratio and Birthday and to not involve the police. They take on the case.

As part of their investigation, they go to talk to Misty, another illustrator who is a friend of Chiyuu’s. It turns out that she was also being considered for the collaboration with the Hollywood director, but that Chiyuu got it instead of her. They spend some time questioning her, until Birthday is called away. When Birthday goes to where he’s been called to, he is hit on the head.

When Ratio and Misty discover that Birthday is missing, Ratio gets a call from an unknown caller. When he answers the call, he’s told to bring Misty to a specific location if he wants to get Birthday back. At this point, Ratio is able to piece together what’s going on, and the rest of the episode sees the case come to its conclusion.

This episode provides some backstory for both Ratio and Birthday. We see when they both were kids and how they met. Getting their backstories helped me to better understand both of these characters and why they act the way that the do.

Overall, the different elements for the mystery came together, except for one part. While Ratio and Birthday are investigating Misty, a popular singer comes into the Nowhere Café and asks Hamatora to take on a case. Nothing more comes of this until Murasaki and Nice join up with Ratio and Birthday to apprehend the culprit. After the culprit is caught, the singer comes out and says a couple of quick lines to explain why Murasaki and Nice showed up. This part of the story kind of feels like it was thrown in so Murasaki and Nice could get a clue they needed to join into the story rather than being an integral part of the story.

Even with that one minor disappointment, I have to say that episode six is a lot stronger than episode five. This episode brings back the writing and stories that I have come to expect from Hamatora.

From what I’ve seen, there’s only 12 episodes in the series, so that would mean that this would be the halfway point of the series. I’m looking forward to watching episode seven to find out what kind of case Nice and the others find themselves involved in next.

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