The episode opens with a couple of members of Shark Knight, along with some associates, out at a bowling alley. Kujira Shibuki gets frustrated at how badly he’s doing at bowling and becomes belligerent. At one point, he says he’s going to kill the manager, but his co-worker tells him to watch what he’s saying. Later, Kujira is told not to do anything rash. He says he’s just going to have a little fun. After this, it cuts to a scene in the bowling room’s bathroom, where the manager is stabbed and killed by an unknown assailant.

The next day, Kujira’s co-worker comes to the Butterfly Law Office for help, because Kujira was arrested on suspicion of murder. He denies the charge, and has asked Cecil to defend him. Cecil takes on the case, and Kiri-jii, the oldest member of the Butterfly Law Office, is paired with her for the case.

A lot of the episode focuses on the age gap between the two, with Cecil being the youngest member of the office and Kiri-jii being the oldest. Cecil believes that Kiri-jii is being too slow and is spending more time focusing on idol groups and porn mags than on the case. For a lot of the episode, it looks like the witness testimony isn’t helping Kujira’s case. In fact, they aren’t able to get anything done before Kujira’s indictment has been decided.

Cecil becomes frustrated with Kiri-jii and asks for him to be taken off the case, but Seseri refuses. After this, Hotaru gives Cecil a lecture about working with Kiri-jii. While Hotaru brought up some good points, the fact that she’s shown her jealous colors so much prior to this scene made it hard for me to truly accept these words coming out of her. It didn’t help that Hotaru didn’t hesitate to take some digs at Cecil about how she’s the youngest wizard barrister and how everyone acknowledges her without a hitch.

Cecil ends up being surprised when Kiri-jii approaches her with information he received and hunches that he has. Armed with this, they are able to piece together what happened and solve the case.

This was a good episode of Wizard Barristers, and I wasn’t able to guess who the true murderer was before Kiri-jii started presenting his information and hunches.

I also appreciated how this episode focused on the idea of the two different generations working together and the friction that is created. Being the oldest, Kiri-jii has the most experience, and he is also methodical and takes in everything around him. Cecil, meanwhile, is young and brash, and wants to get the crime solved as quickly as possible. While there was a lot of frustration on Cecil’s part for most of the episode, I honestly believe that she was able to better appreciate Kiri-jii’s experience and knowledge by the end of the story.

I almost forgot to mention that this episode started to provide a little more information about the subplot regarding the Grimoire 365. There appears to be a group of wizards who have a vendetta against humans for the persecution they have endured at human hands over the years. Apparently, the Grimoire 365 mentions a wizard that only appears once every hundred years, and it appears Cecil may be this wizard. The leader of the group comments that just as they planned, Cecil is gradually awakening to her dormant powers and that the fated time is drawing near.

According to what I’ve seen, there are only 12 episodes of Wizard Barristers, so Episode Six should be the halfway point. I really hope a little more focus is put on the Grimoire 365 storyline, because all we’ve had at this point is some vague references and the scene in Episode Five that just touches on explaining what’s going on. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Six in order to see if more about the Grimoire 365 storyline will be revealed, and what kind of case Cecil and the Butterfly Law Office takes on next.

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