Strike the Blood: Episode 17 – “Fiesta for the Observers II”

Strike the Blood is set on Itogami Island, and it’s known as the Demon District because it’s the home of various magical beings who have been authorized by the government to live there for protection and research purposes. The main character of the series is Kojou Akatsuki; three months prior to the start of the series, he became the Fourth Progenitor, which has given him vampiric powers. A girl named Yukina Himeragi has been given a mission by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou, and if she deems him to be dangerous, she has been ordered to kill him.

Yuuma’s mother goes to the roof of Saikai Academy, which she says will serve as the foundation of her own world. Later in the episode, she is approached by an attack mage named Meiga who talks to her about the fact that she must have acquired the key to the prisoner barrier because she took Natsuki’s memories but didn’t tell the inmates this. Near the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Meiga is from the Lion King Organization and he’s looking for information on the Dark Oath Grimoire.

Kojou, Yukina, and Sayaka are watching the Hallowen Festa parade on TV, and they see Asagi. They also see the little girl who looks like Natsuki. Kojou calls Asagi and starts asking her questions, but Asagi is approached by an old man who demands that she hand over the little girl. It turns out the old man is Kiliga Gilka, a monster from the guerrilla force who implanted a fire spirit in his own body to kill his enemies more effectively. A bit of the episode sees Asagi and the little girl being chased by Kiliga. Between help from Asagi’s AI program and help from Astarte and the Island Guard, Kiliga is defeated. However, more trouble happens when Gigliola Ghirardi, the diva of Cuartas Theater, appears and demands that she be given the little girl.

Kojou, Yukina, and Sayaka try to get to Asagi, but the tank they’re using runs out of gas. Yukina finds a bicycle, which she frees for Kojou to use. She also lets Kojou drink some of her blood, much to Sayaka’s chagrin.

Dimitrie Vatler joins in the fight with Gigliola, and it ultimately able to defeat her. Kojou arrives on the scene as the fight is coming to an end. It’s confirmed that the little girl is Natsuki, whose body has reverted to a younger age due to time she experienced being taken away from her back in episode 16. At the end of the episode, an agreement is made for Natsuki to stay on Dimitrie’s boat for protection, along with Kojou and Asagi.

By the end of episode 16, I had already guessed that the little girl was a younger version of Natsuki, so this revelation wasn’t a surprise to me.

When Kojou appeared to where the battle was taking place, I was starting to think that Kojou would end up using his vampiric powers around Asagi and finally reveal this to her. It ended up not happening during episode 17, but I’m suspecting this will happen before the end of the series. And if it does happen, what kind of reaction would Asagi have?

I’m also intrigued that Meiga is from the Lion King Organization and is taking an interest in what Yuuma’s mother is doing. Is he actually going to turn into an ally for her, or is he going to go against her by the end of this story arc?

So far, this series seems to do story arcs in three parts. If this holds true, then episode 18 would be the last episode of this particular arc. If it is, I’m wondering how they would resolve this storyline within one more episode. Of course, the previous story arc led right into this one, so a new story arc could start with episode 19 and simply continue on from where the current arc ends. So now I’m curious to watch the next episode and find out how the story will progress.

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