Magical Warfare: Episode 5 – “Magic Tests and Winter Vacation”

Magical Warfare focuses on Takeshi Nanase, and what happens after a chance meeting with Mui Aiba and gains the ability to do magic. Takeshi’s friends, Isoshima and Ida, get caught up in what’s taking place and also acquire magical abilities. Mui takes them to the world where magicians live; it’s a place where time has been distorted and it’s known as the Ruined World. During episode two, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida transferred into the Subaru Magic Academy to study magic.

The episode is basically split into two stories. The first half of the episode is set in November, and it focuses on the school-wide Ancestral Magic exam being held. While participating in the Evasive Magic portion of the exam, Takeshi runs into Oigami, one of the guys who attacked him back in episode one. However, Oigami doesn’t have any memory of that happening, because his memories have been rewritten.

However, three cloaked figures infiltrate the testing site and create chaos. They cause everyone to be transported to Corporeal Magic level, which has a maze that had been navigated through. When the other students start appearing, a large stone robot-like creature is about to attack Isoshima; however, she is rescued by Oigami. He sustains an injury and is compulsorily removed from the testing grounds. After he disappears, Isoshima meets up with Takeshi, Ida, and Mui. Together, they navigate their way through the maze and encounter another large stone robot-like creature. During the battle, Takeshi is able to get a bullet into his weapon and destroy the monster. One of the hooded people from earlier witnesses this, and she comments that the Twilight she knew so well was not like this. She decides she’s had enough fun for today, and that she won’t allow anyone else to have Takeshi’s weapon because it belongs to her.

The second half of the episode is set at Winter Break, right before New Year’s. Isoshima is frustrated that Takeshi doesn’t want to go home for the break in order to avoid being around his brother, Gekkou. When she’s home for break, Gekkou goes to visit Isoshima and tells her that starting in April, he’ll be attending the same school as Isoshima and Takeshi. The audience sees that a couple of the antagonists are nearby and watching their conversation.

Mui and Takeshi practice magic at school over the break. After one of their training sessions, Mui develops a fever. Takeshi takes her to the girls’ dorm and tucks her in, but in her feverish state, she believes Takeshi is her brother and keeps pulling him down on the bed with her. Isoshima decides to return to school early, finds the two of them together, and gets the wrong idea. Later, Takeshi tells Mui that he and Isoshima really aren’t going out, and that he believes it’s time for the two of them to stop pretending because she needs to learn to deal with the issues herself that caused their pretending to be a couple to happen in the first place.

Isoshima and Takeshi’s relationship remains awkward for the rest of the winter break. Near the end of the episode, Isoshima runs into Oigami and thanks him for saving her. He suddenly takes her chin in his hand, lifts her head up, and wipes a tear away. Flustered, Isoshima pulls away and runs off.

Overall, I thought the second half of the episode was more interesting than the first half. While watching the second half of the episode, it made me realize how truly immature Isoshima is. She cries several times in this episode, with her worst bawling taking place when she misunderstands what was going on with Mui and Takeshi. In fact, during her bawling, her Aspect falls to the floor and causes her to transform into a toddler. I thought this was rather fitting, because the way she was crying made me think of a toddler having a temper tantrum because they weren’t getting their way.

I have a suspicion that Oigami is being poised to become a potential love interest for Isoshima. She’s already upset and confused because of the misunderstanding, and if Takeshi proposes that they end their pretend relationship, it could very well push her toward Oigami. But if Oigami ever gets his memory back over what happened back in episode one, it could destroy any relationship that could potentially happen.

I have to say that overall, episode five was little more interesting than some of the other episodes of Magical Wardare that I have seen. However, the series itself is still just OK.  Here we are, almost halfway through the series now, and I still don’t know much about the antagonists and what their motivations are. I really hope that the next episode will finally give the audience more information about the antagonists, because as of right now, I just really don’t care about the villains. Not even Mui’s brother, who we’ve seen in at least two epiosdes. From what was said at the end of episode five, I suspect we’ll see Mui’s brother again in episode six.

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