Right at the end of Episode 16, Etou approaches Natsume and asks why she won’t step up and help out the Yakou devotees. When he’s asked if he’s in the Twin Horn Syndicate, he says no. However, he says he understands their feelings. He asks Natsume to give him an offering, and when she refuses, he turns and walks away. Reiji’s familiar Shaver suddenly jumps in and attacks Etou. After Etou is knocked down, Shaver thrusts his sword into Etou’s glove, and a miasma starts appearing. After the miasma, monsters start appearing as well.

Shaver decides to start going after Harutora, Natsume, and Kyoko with his sword. Quite a bit of the episode sees Shaver in pursuit of them, and Tenma, Touji, and Suzuka join in the fray. At one point, Shaver is able to slash at Natsume’s clothing and reveals the fact that Natsume is actually a girl who’s been disguising as a guy. This episode also sees Harutora starting to get a better understanding of the powers he has and how to use them.

At the end of the episode, Director Amamai meets with the chief, and a couple of surprising revelations are made in regards to what transpired during Episode 16. The main thing I will say is that the connections with the Twin Horn Syndicate go a bit higher in the ranks than one might have expected.

This episode of Tokyo Ravens was much more action-oriented than many of the previous episodes had been. However, some very important events take place over the course of Episode 17. One of the most important is the fact that Natsume’s secret has been revealed. After the fight with Shaver is done, we see that Kyoko isn’t taking the revelation well. I hope to see more touched on not just Kyoko’s reactions, but to the others’ reactions as well. I suspect that this plot point will have some important repercussions as the series progresses.

I’m also wondering how Reiji will react when he finds out what happened to Shaver in this episode. I have a strong feeling that Reiji’s not going to take the news well, and who knows what he’ll do in response. Reiji hasn’t exactly come across as an entirely reasonable or sane person up to this point in the series.

Episode 17 provided some very intriguing plot twists and turns, and I can’t wait to see Episode 18 in order to find out how these twists and turns affect the overarching story of the series.

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