Magical Warfare: Episode 4 – “Mui and Tsuganashi of the Ruined World”

Magical Warfare focuses on Takeshi Nanase, and what happens after a chance meeting with Mui Aiba and gains the ability to do magic. Takeshi’s friends, Isoshima and Ida, get caught up in what’s taking place and also acquire magical abilities. Mui takes them to the world where magicians live; it’s a place where time has been distorted and it’s known as the Ruined World. During episode two, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida transferred into the Subaru Magic Academy to study magic.

Episode four sees Mui going to a fortune teller to get a divination on where her brother Tsuganashi is. Armed with this information, she leaves the academy without telling anybody.

The next day, Isoshima tells Takeshi and Ida that Mui is gone, and shows them a map that she found on Mui’s desk. They go talk to their teacher about it, and he says they’ll discipline Mui properly for running off. When Takeshi asks why they won’t go look for her, the teacher explains that the Ruined World is currently embroiled in a large-scale battle; also, the Director is currently away, and the rest of the staff can’t make such a decision on their own.

After some debating with his friends, Takeshi says he’ll go out to look for Mui. He feels they have a lot in common, because it really hurts being hated and misunderstood by someone; while he ran away, Mui is willing to fight. Takeshi initially decides to go on his own, but Ishoshima and Ida insist on going with him.

When they exit out a particular doorway, they are transported to one of the Boxes in the Ruined World that connects the Ruined World with the Living World. The Concierge tells them not to leave, but they ignore her instructions.

Meanwhile, Mui finds Tsuganashi. She tries talking to him to help him remember who he really is. At one point, he has a brief flashback, but he shrugs it off. After the flashback, Tsuganashi grabs Mui by the front of her shirt and exchanges some words with her. When things look their worst, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida appear. The episode climaxes with a battle between Tsuganashi and Takeshi.

There are three flashbacks that appear in this episode. The first one is when Mui remembers a moment she spent with Tsuganashi when they were a bit younger. The second is Tsuganashi’s brief flashback when Mui is talking to him. Ida has the third one, and it’s of the time that he and Takeshi first met.

Even though there’s some time focused on Takeshi and the others trying to find Mui, I would say that this was a character development episode for Mui. And to a lesser extent, I would also say that it’s also a character development episode for Tsuganashi.

Near the end of the episode, we learn that for some reason, the Trailers want to get their hands on Mui. There’s a guy with white hair that seems to be leading the Trailers, and he talks with a woman known as “V.” We find out that she’s a staff member at the Subaru Magic Academy, and that she was posing as the fortune teller that Mui visited at the beginning of the episode. When the staff member’s name was revealed, I realized that her name had been mentioned in passing back in episode three. She is given the task of identifying the student at the school who wielded the weapon that defeated Tsuganashi. These two characters were hinted at earlier in the series, and it’s nice to finally know the identity of one of them. I still don’t truly know who the guy is, though.

At four episodes in, I can say that Magical Warfare has done a pretty decent job of establishing the protagonists. Unfortunately, the antagonists are nowhere near as established. The audience has only gotten small bits and pieces of information about the antagonists, so when they show up, their scenes can be a little confusing because the viewer doesn’t have a lot of information about what their motivations are. I’m really hoping that there will start being some better development for the antagonists coming up in the not-too-distant future.

According to MyAnimeList, Magical Warfare only has 12 episodes; if this is right, we’re now a third of the way through the series. At this point, I find Magical Warfare to be an OK series, but it hasn’t become one I look forward to watching each week. I really do want to like this series more than I currently do, but there just seems to be something missing for me at this point. I can’t put my finger on what that missing thing would be, though. I’ll keep watching and hope that the series will improve before the end of the season.

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