A lot of the focus of Episode 16 is on the Magical Investigation Bureau’s plan to wipe out the Twin Horn Syndicate by flushing out the members who have infiltrated the bureau. When they go to get a man named Kousaka, he flees in a panic. Through use of his cell phone, he orders everyone to delete and destroy anything that could be used as evidence, and then escape to the appointed meeting place.

When Kousaka and the other Yakou devotees gather, they are joined by a man named Makihara. Makihara reveals that Mutobe left a magical tool that can manipulate spirit pulses, and that they will use this to create a number of spirit disasters. While the authorities are distracted by the disasters, they can make their escape. However, things don’t quite go as planned.

We learn that Hirata, who joined the Magical Investigation Bureau earlier in the series, is actually a member of the Twin Horn Syndicate. The climax of the episode is Director Amami making an appearance at the battlefield and getting into a battle with Hirata. There’s a major surprise at the end of Hirata and Director Amami’s battle.

Harutora basically has one important scene in this episode, and it involves him telling Reiji about what happened the night Doman and Jin battled it out at Onmyo Prep. By the end of this scene, Reiji gives Harutora some advice. While what he says you would expect someone to say, Reiji has to take it a step further and add a twist to it.

This is the first episode of Tokyo Ravens to not have much of a focus on Harutora and the other students from Onmyo Prep. For what happens here, they really aren’t that important. And this is a rather important episode, because the audience is finally given some more information in regards to Yakou and his ties with both Onmyo Prep and the Twin Horn Syndicate.

I have to admit that ever since Hirata was introduced, I had suspected that he couldn’t be trusted, so the reveal that he’s actually a member of the Twin Horn Syndicate didn’t catch me by surprise. I hadn’t necessarily guessed that he was a member of the syndicate, but I could just tell that something was off with him.

Even though the main cast was not the focus of Episode 16, I still enjoyed watching it. From what I saw at the end of this episode, I feel safe in saying that Episode 17 will return the focus to Harutora and the other Onmyo Prep students. I’m interested in watching Tokyo Ravens to find out how the story will progress now that the Magical Investigation Bureau’s plan has been carried out.

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