Hamatora: Episode 4 – “File 04: The Wandering Totem Pole”

Hamatora is set in Yokohama in 2014. In the world of this series, humans with supernatural abilities have been discovered; they are referred to as Minimum Holders. Two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki have formed a detective agency called Hamatora, and they rent out a table at the Nowhere Café and call it their office.

At the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to two new characters: Honey and Three. Honey is an Analysis Minimum, and she has a Mighty, which looks like a tablet device. With her Mighty, she is able to see 10 minutes into the future. Art calls on the two of them to come help him on the case he’s working on that includes Professor Moral. When they arrive at the Tokyo International Airport, Honey’s briefcase is switched with another one; the one in her possession now has what looks like totem poles inside. Honey is then kidnapped, and Three has to try to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Nice, Murasaki, Birthday, and Ratio are involved in making a video to help cover up the monster incident that took place in episode three; the video sees them portraying superheroes. When the video is uploaded to a video sharing site, it quickly becomes the second most watched video. The video ahead of them is by a guy named Yuuki Katsuragi.

Art is also called in to investigate a case of kids 15 years of age and younger using guns to commit crimes. They all insist that they got their guns just by sending one e-mail. When they question one of the kids, he says he doesn’t know where he got the e-mail address from, and that it just popped into his head. When he sent an e-mail, he got a response right away. It’s also revealed that they received the gun as soon as they answered a question, and also got a threatening letter.

In the end, Nice is able to put most of the pieces together that’ s needed to figure out what’s going on; he gets a little help from Honey. Unfortunately, they are not able to capture the mastermind behind the plot.

Once again, the writers of Hamatora were able to successfully take what appeared to be three different storylines and weave them together to create the full picture for the mystery. To me, the writing is one of the series’ strengths. I have appreciated seeing this happen week after week.

Honey and Three are also interesting characters, and I think they’ll be able to bring some interesting elements to the series. I hope we’ll get to see more of them in future episodes of Hamatora.

Of the six new shows that I started watching for the Winter 2014 season, I would have to say that Hamatora would have to be the one I probably look forward to watching most every week.

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