Noragami: Episode 4 – “Where Happiness Lies”

Noragami is about a minor god named Yato, who doesn’t have a single shrine. One day, he spray paints on a wall that he will help people in exchange for a 5-yen offering; he’s trying to save up money in order to build his own shrine. One day, while he’s doing a job, a girl named Hiyori pushes him out of the way of a bus. She is hit by the bus, and now Hiyori is a living Phantom. She’s still alive, but her spirit has a tendency to separate itself from her body at unexpected times. At the end of episode two, Yato gets a new Regalia named Yukine.

At the beginning of episode four, Hiyori has brought Yato something to eat and asks him to listen to her request. Yato proceeds to tell Hiyori and Yukine about all the various good luck charms he bought after talking a lady who read his palm. Hiyori and Yukine team up to destroy one of the charms, and Hiyori tells Yato he needs to get himself together, both for himself and for Yukine’s sake.

Yato takes Hiyori and Yukine to see another god named Kofuku, and Yato claims that she’s his girlfriend. Her Regalia, Koku, is unhappy to see Yato and kicks him, referring to Kofuku as “my lady.” Hiyori and Yukine get the wrong idea of the relationship between Kofuku and Koku at first.

After spending some time with Kofuku, Yato gets a call; Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori leave. The call is in regards to a guy who’s getting ready to jump off of a building and commit suicide. When Yato arrives, he accidentally knocks the guy off the building. There’s a scene of exposition that takes place here, where the guy explains why he’s decided to commit suicide; he fell for a young girl he found on the street, spending money on her, and then going bankrupt. This scene is absurd, though, because the fall is taking an awfully long time for the height of the building that the guy fell from; in fact, Yukine even points it out during the scene.

The girl’s identity is revealed during their discussion, and her identity shocks Yato and the others. Fortunately, Yato and Yukine are able to save the day and keep the guy from dying. And right at the end of the episode, another Regalia that had belonged to Yato makes a surprise appearance.

I have to say that, so far, I’m not terribly impressed with Kofuku. By the end of the episode, she really comes across as a ditzy flirt. But then again, she’s the god of poverty who brings misfortune, so maybe she needs to come across this way. However, through her, we do start getting a little bit of backstory for Yato, so I guess I can give her some credit for that. She tells Hiyori that there have been nasty rumors about him in the past in regards to being a god of war.

And I also got the impression near the end of the episode that Hiyori may be starting to become interested in Yato. Future episodes should show whether or not I’m right on this or not.

Even though I may not like Kofuku much right now, the story itself is still interesting and compelling enough that I’ll keep watching Noragami to see where the story is headed to next.

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