The prime minister and other officials sees Masayoshi’s television interview where he warns the audience about the upcoming attack by From Beyond, and the politicians become upset. However, before they can talk too much about it, everyone’s phone begins ringing. They are informed that tomorrow morning, From Beyond will launch an all-out attack on Samurai Base and Tokyo.

Masayoshi is called in to see the prime minister, where he’s accused of working with From Beyond, due to the timing of the phone calls. Masayoshi denies it. They learn that it’s been confirmed with all telecommunication companies that there were 65,523 of these mysterious calls, and they were made to members of the Diet, people who drive the economy, members of the press, and other influential figures. Masayoshi realizes that this is one short of all the remaining From Beyond members. When Masayoshi asks about making a public statement and ordering a civilian evacuation, he’s told their top priority is the country’s defense.

After leaving the meeting, Masayoshi is picked up by his manager and Konno from HIGH ROLLERS HI. After talking about the situation, Masayoshi decides to make a live announcement to the public. In his announcement, Masayoshi not only tells the public what’s going on, he also gives an inspirational speech.

Hidenori watches Masayoshi’s speech and decides he needs to help out in his role as a police officer. Mari tries to stop him, but he tells her that someone is coming to get her. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Mizuki and Moe, and Mari is not happy to see them.

The next morning, From Beyond arrives and begins their attack. The Flamengers rise to the challenge and start making some progress. However, some of From Beyond’s ships seem to combine, and we learn that this is the Destruction of Japan Device. It’s going to drill into Mt. Fuji in order to make it erupt.

Hidenori is also trying to fight against a member of From Beyond. When things seem bleak for both the Flamengers and Hidenori, they get a surprise group of reinforcements. The episode also ends with an interesting twist, which I’m sure will be explored more in Episode 15.

One very notable thing about this episode is the amount of off-model animation that appeared in it. I knew about a couple of these shots due to a recent “Mike Toole Show” article by Mike Toole on Anime News Network. However, it went beyond the couple of shots that he highlighted. One shot that stood out to me was when Hidenori and Mari were watching Masayoshi’s broadcast. Neither Hidenori nor Mari looked right, and they both looked to be lacking in detail, especially in their faces. They looked rather flat.

I have to say that the writers of this show have done a great job of making the prime minister a character that I have come to absolutely loathe. By the time he made it clear that he didn’t care about and have any interest in protecting the citizens, I wanted to reach through my computer monitor and strangle him.

And once again, Samurai Flamenco raises its level of absurdity, but the absurdity is just so enjoyable. Also, as I’ve come to expect from this series, an unexpected twist takes place. I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this unexpected twist.

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