Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha: Episode 2 – “Ordeals, Secrets, Amaterasu”

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha focuses on a middle school named Inari, and she’s in love with her classmate, Kouji Tanbabashi. One day, she overhears Kouji and a popular girl named Sumizome, and it sounds like they’re talking about a love confession letter from Kouji to Sumizome. Upset, Inari runs to a nearby Inari shrine that she’s loved and visited since she was a child. Uka, the resident god of the shrine, grants Inari’s wish, which is to be Sumizome. After physically turning into her but still having her own personality, she wants to return to normal. While Uka can’t return Inari to normal, she is able to give her a portion of her power, which is the ability to transform into other people. Uka also gives Kon, the fox that Inari rescued, to serve as her familiar.

At the beginning of episode two, Inari goes to Kouji’s house, but is too nervous to ring the doorbell. She uses her new ability to transform into Kouji’s friend, Hashimo. With this disguise, Inari not only delivers handouts from school, but gets to spend some time around Kouji. Of course, she gets a bit of a culture shock during this visit. And after she does something embarrassing while in disguise, she beats a hasty retreat.

When Inari goes to the shrine, she is met by Uka and three beings. Uka tells Inari that they have to go to the Celestial Plains and visit with Mistress Amaterasu. Amaterasu is punishing both Inari and Uka for what has happened. Inari has to undergo a test: she cannot transform at all the next day. If she fails the test, then Inari must stay in the Celestial Plains and undergo training. And Uka is told that her punishment is that she will be married off to some god.

The next day, Inari heads out to go see Tanbabashi at his basketball game. On the way, she runs into Sumizome, and they head to the game together. Inari finds that she gets along with Sumizome.

Meanwhile, Amaterasu is holding a feast, with mirrors showing Inari and what she’s doing. Amaterasu starts sending people from the Celestial Plains to try to tempt Inari into using her power. Inari and Sumizome try to help at first, but eventually start running to get away from their pursuers. When Sumizome collapses while they’re trapped in a location, Inari must decide whether or not to use her power to save Sumizome or not.

Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed this episode. I’m glad to see that repercussions were placed in front of both Inari and Uka for what happened back in episode one. And with what happens during episode two, it seems to make Inari a little more aware of how she should be trying to use her transformation ability instead of simply abusing it for her own selfish needs. I’m curious to see if Inari really learned this lesson or not as the series continues.

I’ll also say there was a twist at the end of episode two that I hadn’t anticipated in regards to Kouji and Sumizome. I liked this twist, because it puts what happened to Inari back in episode one in a different light for me. If only Inari knew then what she knows now…

By the end of episode two, I can say I was more interested in this series than I had been after watching episode one. I’m curious to see how the story of Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha will be progressing from here.

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