Wizard Barristers: Episode 2 – “Hard Case”

Wizard Barristers is set in 2018, where humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. While the police continue to protect the peace, wizards are tried according to magical law through Magic Prohibition Law. Wizards are taken to special courts, where they are defended by wizard barristers via the Court of Magic.

17-year-old Canadian-Japanese girl Cecil Sudo has become the youngest wizard barrister after passing the bar exam at 15. At the beginning of the series, she begins working for the Butterfly Law Offices.

In the first episode, Cecil took on a case to defend a man named Kohinata who has been accused of using magic to murder a member of the No Face gang during a bank robbery. The police are trying to create a scenario that the man, who had been let go from his job, had joined No Face and participated in the robbery; however, for unknown reasons, he turned against the gang.

After interviewing Kohinata and talking to one of his co-workers, Cecil realizes that Kohinata was acting in self-defense, which is covered under magic-prohibition law, article 10. However, Cecil needs to find evidence to prove it.

At the end of episode one, after Cecil and Moyoyon have to use magic to defend themselves, they are arrested because the actual criminals got away Fortunately, they are bailed out by the Butterfly Law Offices, but their fines will come out of their paychecks.

The preliminary hearing for Kohinata is coming up, but Cecil has found no evidence that would be in their favor. Ageha suggests that she and Cecil talk to the police, but police detective Quinn refuses to tell them anything.

When it’s the day of the trail, Ageha runs up and tells Cecil to come with her. Ageha has learned where No Face’s hideout is through using illegal means and takes Cecil there in the hopes of capturing a member of the gang and getting them to testify that Kohinata isn’t part of their gang and help prove Kohinata was acting in self-defense. They’re captured by the gang and have to try to figure out how to escape and complete their objective.

Meanwhile, Sasori is trying to defend Kohinata at the trial. The trial is the climax of the episode, and the outcome may or may not surprise the viewer.

In the writeup for episode one, I commented that it appeared a hint had been dropped as to why Cecil has become a wizard barrister. The audience received the full explanation in this episode, and it ended up being pretty much what I had already figured out. It ended up being something rather predictable.

We also got it confirmed in this episode that Hotaru is jealous of Cecil, because she makes it so darn obvious by the way she looks, the words she uses, and the tone of her voice. At one point, Sasori tells her to cool it, but for the most part, Hotaru’s jealousy is so obvious that one of the superiors at the law office really needs to address it with her. Hopefully Aghea will pull her aside sooner rather than later and address this with her.

Overall, the story kept me interested in what was going on, and I liked how the ending of the trial was handled. While there are some minor issues I had, such as the predictability of Cecil’s motives for becoming a wizard barrister and the fact that Hotaru’s obvious jealousy isn’t being addressed in the workplace, I have overall enjoyed the two episodes of Wizard Barristers that I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to watching episode three in order to see what kind of case Cecil and the Butterfly Law Offices will tackle next.

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