Anime DVD Review: Bleach DVD Set Six

Bleach DVD Set Six is a three disc set that contains 12 episodes. Each disc in this box includes four episodes and bonus features. Unfortunately, it’s very obvious that all Viz Media did to put this disc together was to package the discs from two of the singles (Volumes 27 and 28) and a third disc was made specifically made for this set. You can tell because the first two discs are labeled as 27 and 28, while the third disc is labeled as being the third disc for Bleach DVD Set Six. The episodes on these discs can be watched either with English dialogue or with Japanese dialogue and English subtitles.

Bleach DVD Set Six
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Format: DVD
Release Date: September 28, 2010

The episodes in this set begin the story arc about the Arrancar. The audience is introduced to the Visored, Soul Reapers that have acquired Hollow powers; the Visored who receives the most screentime in these episodes is Shinji Hirako. However, the major focus of this set is on the Arrancar, Hollows that have removed their mask and have gained Soul Reaper-like powers. By the end of the episodes in this set, it appears that the two major Arrancar in the series will be Ulquiorra and Grimmjow. In addition, secrets about Ichigo’s father and Ishida’s father are revealed.

The first disc in the set includes four bonus features. “Production Art” includes 15 pages of line art. “Manga Preview” is four screens that advertise the now-defunct Shonen Jump magazine, Bleach, and other Shonen Jump titles. There’s a textless version of the ending credits, as well as a “sneak peek” section with trailers for Bleach and Naruto-related items that Viz was promoting at the time this set was released.

The second disc has 14 pages of line art in the “Production Art” extra. The “Manga Preview” and the “sneak peeks” are exactly the same as what appeared on the first disc, and there’s another copy of the textless version of the ending credits.

The third disc has five bonus features. The “Manga Preview” is exactly the same as what appeared before, there’s 14 pages of line art in “Production Art,” there’s another textless closing, and the “sneak peek” section has a slightly different selection of trailers.

In addition to these items is “Bleach Villains”; this is a 14-minute piece that can either be watched as a continuous piece, or you can choose which section you want to watch from a menu. This feature has text describing each type of villain, which is followed by a montage of images from the series that shows examples of each kind of villain. To be honest, this feature feels like it was a PowerPoint presentation that someone put together rather quickly and threw it on in order to have another bonus feature. While this isn’t a bad bonus feature, it just looks a little on the cheap side.

For these sets, Viz Media changed the packaging yet again. Now, instead of the individual slimlines, the three discs are in one box; however, the discs are in the box in such a way that they have their own individual spot instead of being stacked onto each other. There’s also an outer cardboard slipcase that is placed over the box.

While I like Bleach a lot, I truly can’t recommend buying this set at full price (which is usually around $50, which is what Viz was charging for the earlier DVD box sets). Between the drastic decrease in the amount of episodes in the set, not putting as much effort into the actual discs that are included in the set, as well as the change of packaging, I think the $50 price tag is a little high. If you’re a Bleach fan who wants to legally own the series on DVD, then I would recommend keeping an eye out for when a retailer has this particular set on sale for a slightly lower price.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Bleach DVD Set Six that my husband purchased for me as a gift.

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