Strike the Blood: Episode 14 – “Labyrinth of the Blue Witch II”

Strike the Blood is set on Itogami Island, and it’s known as the Demon District because it’s the home of various magical beings who have been authorized by the government to live there for protection and research purposes. The main character of the series is Kojou Akatsuki; three months prior to the start of the series, he became the Fourth Progenitor, which has given him vampiric powers. A girl named Yukina Himeragi has been given a mission by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou, and if she deems him to be dangerous, she has been ordered to kill him.

At the end of episode 13, Yuuma kissed Kojou and he blacked out. When he got up the next morning, he found himself inside Yuuma’s body. Kojou goes to see Yukina, Kanon, and Astarte, and tries to explain that it’s actually him and not Yuuma. After the three of them ask questions that only Kojou can answer, they determine it’s really him.  When they go to Kojou’s place, they discover that both Yuuma and Nagisa are gone.

Meanwhile, Asagi is at her computer, and can’t find any trace of a virus that could be causing the problems that are being reported in the city. She deduces that the space itself around Itogami Island is distorted. She accesses records of a spatial anomaly from 10 years ago, which relates to the Dark Oath Grimoire Incident that was carried out by the Witch of Notaria from the Library. It’s also realized that there was a report of Library members breaking through the wall and entering the town two days ago. Asagi believes she has an understanding of what’s going on; she furiously works at rewriting the gigafloat network backend, scans all spatial information by the millimeter and updates the database.

Dimitrie Vatler returns to the story when he finds the Meyer Sisters. Yuuma, in Kojou’s body, appears. Dimitrie is able to tell quickly that it isn’t really Kojou, and learns that Yuuma is a witch. In fact, she is the daughter of the Witch of Notaria.

When Yuuma casts a spell, Kojou and Yukina sense a wave of Kojou’s power. With this, they are able to determine where Yuuma is. They get caught up in spatial distortions, but Kojou gets something on his cell phone that helps him and Yukina navigate their way through the distortions in order to find Yuuma.

I’d been wondering at the end of episode 13 how Kojou ended up in Yuuma’s body, and this episode definitely explained it. To be honest, I hadn’t figured out that Yuuma was a witch before it was stated in episode 14; my thought had been that perhaps she had somehow been possessed by the Meyer Sister. It turns out that I was wrong with that prediction.

Information was provided in the episode as to how Yukina could undo Yuuma’s magic with her Schneesturm Wolfin, but it was pointed out that if she were to nullify such an elaborate spell, there would be significant repercussions to the targeted body. Yukina would rather not use that method if at all possible; however, I’m going to predict that in the end, she will have to use this technique.

I’ll also mention that there is a scene that could be considered “fanservice” with Sayaka and La Folia. It turns out that this is the only scene that they appear in during this entire episode. Is it just me, or has Sayaka seemed to have become a less important character since her introduction? For the past couple of storylines, Sayaka hasn’t been in the thick of the action like she was when she was first introduced.

I’ll be watching episode 15 next week to see how this story arc will progress. I’m also curious to see if this will be the final episode of this arc, or if it will continue for another episode or two.

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