Magical Warfare: Episode 2 – “Another World”

Magical Warfare focuses on Takeshi Nanase, and what happens after a chance meeting with Mui Aiba and gains the ability to do magic. Takeshi’s friends, Isoshima and Ida, get caught up in what’s taking place and also acquire magical abilities. Mui takes them to the world where magicians live; it’s a place where time has been distorted and it’s known as the Ruined World.

Mui takes them to the Subaru Magic Academy, where they meet Shijou Momoka, the Academy Director. There’s an exposition scene that lasts for about seven minutes or so, where Shijou explains a bit about this world:

  • Roughly a year before the characters were born, there was a Great Magic War, which was an all-out war where magicians battled each other. In the year 1999, a magician of immense power led the Ghost Trailers in a fierce battle against a coalition of magicians who sought to stop them. The Ghost Trailers’ leader, Ryuusenji Kazuma, attempted to erase all humans by using the spell “Las Requiem.” However, 15 great magicians from other communities that opposed him combined their powers and split the world in two. And so, the people of one of those worlds were erased in the “Last Requiem.” It’s also revealed that the leader of the Ghost Trailers has gone missing.
  • After this incident, a pact was made. They vowed to continue the war only within the Ruined World. Per the pact, the winner will claim the True Power that resides in the Living World. And to ensure that magicians could no longer do battle in the Living World, the Wise Man, a magician of the highest level, cast the “Gift” spell upon it; the magic that was cast to prevent magicians from battling one another in the Living World is the “Gift.” Using normal magic is fine, but a magician may not use Ancestral Magic to attack another magician.
  • There are six classifications of Ancestral Magic, which is the type of magic granted to a magician based on his individual qualities and personality: Evasive Magic, Illusion Magic, Destructive Magic, Black Magic, Acceleration Magic, and Corporeal Magic. There’s also Specialized Music.
  • There are “communities” of magicians, which are groups formed on the basis of individual ideologies.

After this, Shijou tells Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida that they have to make a decision: stay at Subaru Magic Academy and study magic or give up their magic and return to their world. After some contemplation, all three of them decide to stay and study magic. Since they need to learn the basics, they are being put in the high school first year course in Class C. And as punishment for going after her brother without permission, Mui is also placed into this class.

In class, Takeshi, Isoshima, and Ida are told to activate their Ancestral Magic by using their Aspects (the tools that act as the intermediary for magic when magicians cast their magic power outward). Takeshi doesn’t have one, so the teacher tells Mui to take him to the shop to find one.

When they get to the shop, the shopkeeper finds a sword he thinks will work. It turns out to have belonged to one of the 15 great magicians who fought in the war, and that this person had been an Evasive Magic user like Takeshi. After handling it, it’s discovered that Takeshi is able to wield it without any real problem. Takeshi decides to make this sword his Aspect.

This episode focused very heavily on exposition, and there wasn’t much in the way of action until Takeshi gets the sword at the shop. While all this information was important for the viewer to know, it kind of bogged down the pacing of the episode. I’m hoping that at this point, the episodes going forward won’t be quite so exposition heavy.

When Mui and Takeshi are heading to the shop, she explains that there are magicians known as “magic pureblood,” because their magic comes from their family. For Mui, both of her parents are magicians. When I saw that, I couldn’t help but think of Harry Potter.

While this episode may have plodded a little bit due to all of the exposition, I could see that the concepts introduced in this episode show that there’s a lot of potential for the overall story of the series. I’ll be watching episode three next week, and I hope to see more action and less explaining.

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