Crunchyroll has announced the site has added two more simulpubs to its lineup, and that both semi-monthly series are launching on the website worldwide outside of Japan on January 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

The two titles are:

  • Okitenemuru by Hitori Renda
  • Star Light Woman by Rie Kanou

Okitenemuru is described as:

Kanata and his friend Tokiji are ordinary teenagers in modern Japan. Mysterious deaths have begun to occur in their city, where the victim’s head will transform into an animal face and explode. There are rumors about these strange incidents, but one day it happens at Kanata’s school. Kanata is caught up in the incident and gains the special ability to “remove his limiter.” This allows him to greatly enhance a single ability of his, but after he uses it, another ability will go out of control. He encounters a mysterious, beautiful woman in a black skin-tight combat suit named Shiki. She forces Kanata and Tokiji to become deeply involved in these incidents. Just what is going on? What mysterious organization is behind this? A world-spanning conspiracy begins to unfold.

Star Light Woman is described as:

The fate of the Earth has been entrusted to a single woman. A new SF comedy series. As more and more witnesses report seeing UFOs, a plain woman named Hoshi is working late at her part-time job. But she has an important secret.

Source: ANN