Magical Warfare: Episode 1 – “Midsummer Magical Girl”

Magical Warfare is an anime based on a light novel written by Hisashi Suzuki and illustrated by Lunalia. The anime is produced by Madhouse, and is directed by Yuzo Sato. As of this writing, Crunchyroll holds the North American streaming rights for Magical Warfare.

A first-year high school student named Takeshi Nanase, along with his girlfriend, Isoshima, arrive at school. It may be summer vacation, but he’s going to morning practice for kendo. Isoshima says she’ll wait for him in the dojo while he gets ready.

When Takeshi goes to open the door to the clubroom, a nearby door suddenly opens, and a girl collapses onto the ground. Takeshi tries to check on her, but she doesn’t answer. He takes her to the nurse’s office, only to find that no one is there yet. When the girl regains consciousness, she thinks Takeshi is her brother while she’s half-awake. When she realizes that he isn’t her brother, the girl panics. She ends up firing a gun at him but doesn’t hit him. After the girl introduces herself as Mui Aiba, he asks her about the glowing smoke that’s by her and coming out of her gun. She’s surprised he can see it; however, before she can explain, a black butterfly suddenly appears. Mui shoots at the butterfly and says they need to run.

As they start to head out of the nurse’s office, their way is blocked by a guy wielding a sword. Mui exclaims that it’s her brother, Tsuganashi; however, he says he’s not. Mui insists that his memories have been rewritten. Tsuganashi is joined by two other guys and a girl. Takeshi and Mui try to go to the window to escape, but Tsuganashi uses magic to cover the window with ice that can’t be broken. Oigami, one of the guys who came with Tsuganashi, starts to attack with a sword. Takeshi takes out his kendo sword, and the two of them fight. At one point, one of Takeshi’s eyes suddenly glows purple, and he’s able to hit Oigami’s hand in a way that makes his sword fly out of his hand and break the ice covering the window. Takeshi and Mui make their escape.

As they’re being chased by Tsuganashi’s cronies, Mui tells Takeshi that she accidentally turned him into a magician when she shot her gun at him. The rest of the episode sees not only Takeshi and Mui fighting with these guys, but Isoshima and a friend named Ida also get caught up in the action. By the end of the episode, Takeshi, Ishoshima, and Ida have all gained magical powers.

This episode was definitely packed with a lot of exposition; however, that is to be somewhat expected since this is the first episode of a series, and it needs to establish the characters and the world that they inhabit. Even with all of the exposition, there was just enough action going on to keep the episode interesting for the viewer. There is one section that has some minor “fanservice” in it, but from this episode, it appears this series may not rely heavily on the fanservice.

Overall, the animation was pretty decent, and this is primarily due to the average character designs. The backgrounds looked pretty good, all things considered.

After watching the first episode of Magical Warfare, it looks like it has some potential. I’ll keep watching to see whether or not the potential I see for this series manifests itself or not.

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