The episode opens with Heatnoid, a From Beyond monster, terrorizing Hokkaido. The Flamengers appears to fight with Heatnoid. While they are able to defeat him, their teamwork isn’t terribly strong. Afterward, when Masayoshi invites the others to have curry rice with him, none of the other members of the team take him up on the invitation.

Masayoshi goes to visit Hidenori, and their conversation reveals what’s happened to some of the characters since we last saw them in Episode 10. We learn that Harazuka is now out of the hospital and is back on the job. However, all of his inventions were confiscated by the government. After performing at the concert at the end of Episode 10, Mari and her group have taken a break. However, Mari’s whereabouts are unknown. After Masayoshi leaves, the audience learns that Mari is hiding out at Hidenori’s place. Hidenori tries to convince Mari to go home, but she says there’s nowhere for her to go.

The remainder of the episode sees the Flamengers being featured in a television documentary, and that they’re up against the final two of the Four Kings of From Beyond. This documentary finally introduces the audience to the other members of the Flamengers: Flamen Green is Midrorikawa Hekiru, Flamen Blue is Aoshima Soichi, Flamen Pink is Momoi Sakura, and Flamen Black is Kuroki Anji.

During the fight with MMM34 and Killing Joke, the two members of the Four Kings, Masayoshi and the others have to find a way to work together as a team in order to bring down the evil that they’re up against.

While Episode 12 may have been an exposition episode to truly introduce the viewers to the other members of the Flamengers, there was a lot of action going on to help keep it from being boring. It’s nice to finally have names for all of the members of the Flamengers and to have a better understanding of their personalities.

The theme of this episode was definitely teamwork. At the beginning of the episode, Aoshima had a hard time accepting Masayoshi as their leader, so this was a hurdle that Masayoshi needed to overcome. Also, in a couple of battles, you would see Aoshima and Kuroki decide not to follow what Masayoshi wanted to do, while Midrorikawa and Momoi would follow Masayoshi. They were fortunate early on in the episode that their relative lack of teamwork didn’t cause them to be defeated by the enemy.

By the end of the episode, it seemed as if there was a foundation laid for the team to at least start to give Masayoshi some respect. Future episodes will see whether or not this foundation will be built on.

I’m glad to see that my prediction about Hidenori not appearing as much ended up not being right. And I’m curious to see how the plot of Mari hiding out at Hidenori’s will play out. Will Hidenori’s girlfriend find out? If so, how will she react?

Now that I’ve gotten used to some of the changes that have taken place for the tone and storytelling in Samurai Flamenco, I’ve started to enjoy it again. With what was revealed at the end of Episode 12, I’m curious to see how this new element will play out.

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