D-Frag!: Episode 2 – “Curse You, Fake Game Creation Club!!”

D-Frag! is about a boy named Kenji Kazama, a delinquent at Fujou Academy. During the first episode, he and his friends Yokoshima and Nagayama encounter the school’s Game Creation Club when they see smoke coming out of their clubroom. After putting out the fire, the three club members (Roka, Chitose, and Sakura) start using their “battle types” to fight against them. By the end of episode one, Roka and the rest of the club get Kenji to agree to become a member of their club; the club needs one more member in order to keep from being closed down.

At the end of episode one, Kenji and his friend Ataru were suspended for going into the girls’ locker room during a fight they had with Chitose. While he’s out on suspension, Kenji is approached by four people wearing cloaks and masks. After Kenji forces them to reveal themselves, it’s a group led by a girl named Takao; the group claims that they are the real Game Creation Club, and that the one he joined is a fake. She also makes it clear that she’s trying everything she can to close Roka’s club down.

A lengthy scene takes place here, and there’s quite a bit of comedy included in it. Some of the comedy plays on the fact that a couple of the people in the group aren’t what they appear to be on the surface. One thing that stood out to me here is when a girl with glasses named Tsutsumi thinks about a boy named Sakuragaoka who has a feminine appearance that she appears to have a crush on, and then gets a nosebleed when she sees him wearing a girl’s school uniform. Why did this stand out, you ask? Generally, the nosebleed gag is used for guys in regards to females they find attractive, so I liked how this anime turned that trope on its head and had the female have the nosebleed instead.

Once Kenji is off of suspension, he returns to the clubroom while the girls are in the middle of a game. Once the game is over, the group starts talking about what they’ll be doing for the school’s culture festival; however, they are interrupted by the arrival of Takao. She declares that she will find a way to shut their club down soon; this is met with a negative reaction, as Chitose attacks her with some sand, while Sakura attacks her with water. Roka tries to help, but Takao pushes her hand away and tells Roka not to talk to her as if they’re friends, because she’s a traitor. Takao runs out of the room and declares she’ll find a way to shut down their club immediately. Roka chases after her.

Chitose is able to provide some background for Kenji and the audience as to what’s going on. There are two Game Creation Clubs at the school, and Roka used to be a member of Takao’s club. However, many of the club’s members were afraid of Roka’s uniqueness and started giving her the cold shoulder. Chitose decided to punish them for their actions; however, Roka felt so guilty over what happened that she quit Takao’s club. Chitose then approached Roka with the idea of starting a new Game Creation Club, and she was for it.

Kenji catches up to Takao and Roka, and the two get into a fight. It ends with Takao challenging Roka and her club to compete
against her club during the upcoming cultural festival; if Takao’s club wins, Roka’s club will be absorbed into hers. Roka accepts the challenge.

First, it was interesting for me to note that Kenji’s two buddies never showed up anywhere in this episode. It makes me wonder if they were more there as “props” for Kenji in the first episode in order to help illustrate that he’s a delinquent, or if they will be important again later in the series.

After watching this episode, it also looks like D-Frag! may end up being a bit more of a serious series than the previews let on. Yes, there’s humor involved, but there’s also drama as well. This episode had the drama between Takao and Roka, and it looks like the tension between these two characters could end up being a major part of the series.

Now that this new element with Takao has been introduced and explained, I find myself being more interested in D-Frag! than I had been going into the episode. So far, the potential I was seeing at the end of episode one seems to still be there, and now I’m looking forward to continuing on with the series to see what will happen, especially in regards to the two Game Creations Clubs facing off at the cultural festival.

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