In Episode 14, Doman goes to the entrance of Onmyo Prep, where he’s met by a cat speaking with the voice of the principal. After the principal informs him that the Raven Cloak is not at Onmyo Prep, he insists on searching anyway, whether or not he has her permission. When Doman taps his cane against the floor, darkness starts to spread. The principal summons the familiars Alpha and Omega, who are the stone statues that stand at the school’s entrance.

After the students have been told to evacuate to the training grounds, Doman is able to catch up with Harutora and the others before they have a chance to evacuate. Doman activates the familiar that was attached to Tenma during Episode 13, and this allows him to break the barrier protecting the school from the inside. As the Tsuchigumo he unleashes into the school approach the lunch area, Tenma keeps apologizing for what’s happening. He’s told it’s not his fault.

The cat comes and tells the group to head for the roof. Touji goes into his ogre transformation and begins to knock the Tsuchigumo out of the way. After a couple more fights with the Tsuchigumo and being led to a hidden stairway, they make it up to the roof. Natsume is surprised to see her family’s Taizan Fukun ritual altar there. The principal is in the altar, and she has the students join her, and then sets a seal.

Doman shows up, but just as things start to look bleak, Jin suddenly appears on the roof. Jin gets into a battle with Doman, and the audience gets to see there’s more to Jin that there appeared on the surface. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, though, when Jin and Zenjiro get caught up in an explosion.

After I finished, all I could think was, “Wow!” A lot takes place in this episode, and some of what happened ended up nearly blowing my mind. In addition to finding out Jin actually is more powerful than he seemed, the audience also learned a couple of important things concerning Doman. One of the things we learn about Doman is that he’s not actually the mastermind behind what’s been going on after all. There’s someone else pulling the strings behind the scenes.

We also get to see a short scene of the strange blond upperclassman who has shown up on occasion. We still don’t know her name, but she makes a comment that she’s a disciple, not a familiar. From a comment Doman made earlier in the episode, the girl’s proclamation could be rather important. It may turn out that she’s not entirely what she seemed, either… if you could say she appeared to be anything at all prior to this.

The mysterious blond girl has definitely been my least favorite part of Tokyo Ravens so far. She’s been an unnamed and majorly vague character who seemed to have no real purpose up to this point. Hopefully, this scene is a sign that this girl will become a more important character and that we’ll finally start learning more about her.

Episode 14 of Tokyo Ravens was rather intense, and I’m looking forward to watching Episode 15 in order to find out what happens after the cliffhanger ending that this episode had.

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