The series is set in Yokohama in 2014. In the world of this series, humans with supernatural abilities have been discovered. They are referred to as Minimum Holders. Two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki have formed a detective agency called Hamatora, and they rent out a table at the Nowhere Café and call it their office.

At the beginning of the first episode, Nice and a female companion named Hajime are at a bank when it gets held up. However, Nice is able to apprehend the robbers before the police even arrive on the scene.

When Nice and Hajime arrive at the Nowhere Café, Nice demands to know if they’ve gotten any jobs. Koneko, the agency’s receptionist and contract negotiator, tells them about two jobs. One is to capture the person responsible for recent kidnappings of college students in the area. The other is a request from a well-established family in Yamate. The family patriarch has recently passed away, leaving behind a secret safe that only he knew how to open. The family knows that someone is plotting to steal the safe, so they have asked Hamatora to guard the safe and catch the thief. Nice takes the kidnapping case, while Murasaki takes the one to guard the safe. We also learn that two other members of Hamatora, Birthday and Ratio, are out on assignment to guard a girl who learned something that she shouldn’t have.

As information is gathered over the course of the episode, Nice is the one to realize that all three of the cases in this episode are related to each other.

When I read the previews for Hamatora and saw that it would include mysteries, I was curious to see it since I’m a fan of Case Closed. Where Case Closed takes itself rather seriously, Hamatora is a bit more light-hearted. While there may be some humor in Case Closed, there’s definitely a lot more in Hamatora.

Unfortunately, one of the comedic elements seems to be the character of Hajime. She’s a gluttonous girl, and the humor for her revolves around how much she eats. Personally, after watching the first episode, I didn’t think her character was terribly funny. I also didn’t think she truly added anything to the series. Whenever she would come on screen and some kind of gluttony joke would be made, I found myself thinking, “Just get back to the story, already! Quit wasting my time with this!” I hope there ends up being more of a point to the character of Hajime than what was seen in this first episode.

Animation-wise, it has a rather standard anime look to it. The animation wasn’t anything outstanding, but it wasn’t bad, either.

After watching the first episode of Hamatora, I thought it showed a bit of promise. I’m going to keep watching the series to find out if the potential I see manifests itself or not.

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