D-Frag!: Episode 1 – “Kazama’s Party”

D-Frag! is an anime based on a manga by Tomoya Haruno. The anime is produced by Brain’s Base, and is directed by Seiki Sugawara. As of this writing, FUNimation holds the North American streaming license for D-Frag!, and is simulcasting the series on Mondays.

The series opens by introducing a group of three delinquents at Fujou Academy that are known as the Kazama Party. Kenji Kazama is the leader. His sidekicks are a short and rotund guy named Yokoshima and a tall guy named Nagayama. Unfortunately, people tend to forget who Kenji is, because his sidekicks stand out a lot more than he does.

Meanwhile, a group of three girls are members of the school’s Game Creation Club. Unfortunately, their club is in danger of losing its status because they don’t have enough members and that they have to make games in addition to playing them in order to count as a club. The three girls are club president Roka Shibasaki, Chitose Karasuyama, and Sakura Mizukami.

These two groups of characters intersect when the Kazama Party is walking down the hall and they see smoke coming from the Game Creation Club’s room. The Kazama Party rushes in, and Kenji and Nagayama put out the fire. Suddenly, a young woman electrocutes Yokoshima and says that she’s an electric type. Sakura makes Nagayama drink a lot of water, and says she’s a water type. Roka says she’s a fire type, and tries to use Moe Moe Attack on Kenji, but to no avail. Chitose comes in and says she’s an earth type and punches him in the face.

Kenji flees from the clubroom, and a chase ensues. Roka is the one to catch up with him, and says she wants him to join the club. Much of the rest of the episode focuses on the Game Creation Club’s attempt to get Kenji to join.

Right near the end, we are introduced to Ataru, a friend of Kazama and the others who is the Vice President of the school’s student council. We learn Chitose is the student council president, and that Ataru seems to be interested in her.

When I saw a preview for D-Frag!, I was expecting to find a lot of humor in the episode. While there was some humor included throughout, there wasn’t quite as much as I thought there would be. I’m guessing that since this episode is spending time establishing the characters and the story, there wasn’t as much time to include as much humor that the preview hinted at.

From what humor there was, I was given the impression that there’s a potential for this series to rely on the same gags every week for the series’ humor. I hope I’m wrong on this, and that the humor will expand beyond the same few gags being recycled over and over.

The animation for D-Frag! is pretty standard. It’s not a badly animated series, but there’s nothing about the animation to make it stand out, either.

While the first episode of D-Frag! didn’t blow me away, it wasn’t a terrible episode, either. I see that there’s potential for this series, and I hope that the potential that I see will manifest itself in the episodes that are yet to come.

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