Episode 13 sees Harutora making the realization that Natsume and Hokuto could be the same person and wonders if he should ask her about it. Natsume, meanwhile, struggles with whether or not she should admit the truth to Harutora. By the end of the episode, they both make up their minds as to what they plan to do.

This episode also provides some character development for Tenma, one their classmates. Previous to this episode, we knew his name was Tenma Momoe, but that was it. In Episode 13, we learn his parents are deceased and that they founded Witchcraft Corporation, which specializes in familiars for specific uses in order to increase their usability. This information comes out during a talk that Tenma has with Ohtomo. Tenma asks if onmyo magic is different depending on your innate talent and if it’s something that can’t be overcome by hard work. Tenma is the successor for his family, but we’ve seen in the series that he isn’t as gifted in magic as Natsume or Kyoko are. Later, he has an encounter with a man who wants to ask about an old familiar that’s used at the Magical Investigation Bureau. After Tenma tells the man he needs to talk directly to Witchcraft Corporation, the man leaves. However, he drops something that looks like a piece of paper that contains a familiar, and it seems to attach itself to Tenma.

Doman, the enemy who has basically been in the shadows, starts to make his move. He releases a familiar to inform the Magical Investigation Bureau that he will be taking the Raven Cloak, an artifact that belonged to Yakou. Rumor has it that a fake is stored at the Onmyo Agency, and that the real one is at Onmyo Prep.

Right at the end of the episode, a terrorist attack is launched on the Onmyo Agency with familiars. Doman, meanwhile, arrives at Onmyo Prep.

Episode 13 is definitely a much “darker” episode than the previous 12 had been. Yes, there were a couple of darker episodes earlier, especially the ones dealing with Touji being a half-ogre, but that was nowhere near as dark as Episode 13 was. I get the impression that the first 12 episodes were meant to establish the characters and their world, and now the remaining episodes will really be pushing the main story along.

Episode 13 also sees Doman becoming more of his own character. He was hinted at occasionally in the previous 12 episodes, but he didn’t really do much. He’s now taking a more direct role in the storyline, and I suspect he’s going to be a major character for the second half of Tokyo Ravens.

After seeing what happened to Tenma, I’m getting rather concerned for him. I’m afraid that he’s somehow going to unwittingly become part of Doman’s plot to steal the Raven Cloak. Future episodes of the series will prove whether or not my fear may be unfounded.

I’m glad that Tokyo Ravens is back after its one week hiatus, and I’m looking forward to watching more episodes over the course of the Winter 2014 season in order to find out how the series will ultimately come to an end.

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