Anime DVD Review: Last Exile: Discovered Attack

Last Exile: Discovered Attack is a DVD with four episodes of the Last Exile television anime series that was released by Geneon in 2003.

Last Exile: Discovered Attack
English Publisher: Geneon
Format: DVD
Release Date: April 6, 2004

The first episode in this release sees Mullin recruited to join the Silvana flight deck crew as a mechanic, which now enables him to become a more important character in the series than he had been up to this point.

There are two major stories focused on during the episodes included on this disc. The first has to do with Claus and Lavie compete in the eight-hour endurance race at Horizon Cave. In the race, the participants are assigned vanships by lottery and they must make them airworthy before the race gets underway. Tatiana and Alister, who are also on the Silvana, also compete in the race; however, they have a different objective in the race than winning it. We also see Dio and Lucciola, two characters Claus has encountered previously in the series, are also participants in the race. After the race, Dio and Lucciola follow Claus and Lavie aboard the Silvana and allow themselves to be captured.

The second storyline focuses on Alex going to a black market auction, and ends up in a major bidding war for an artifact believed to be a gateway to the legendary Exile. Alex has to quit bidding on it when Duke Knowles’ men put a gun to his head. However, after Tatiana and Alister’s mission is completed, Alex is able to overcome Knowles’ men. It’s also discovered by the winner of the auction that the item is a fake. It turns out the true artifact is a Mysterion, which Graf, the butler f House Hamilton, entrusts to Alex.

The storylines become intertwined with Dio telling Alex what he knows about the four Mysterion. Later, Dio finds Alvis and reads on the Mysteria to her; Alvis falls into a trance and wreaks havoc on the ship’s systems. When Alvis awakens, he has no memory of what happened. The final episode on this disc also sees the Silvana in a battle with the Urbanus.

The episodes on this disc really start to get the true overarching story going; the previous eight episodes spent time establishing the characters, their world, and the concepts that are going to be important to the series. I also appreciated seeing how the two separate storylines came together right near the end of the episodes that appear on this disc. While we’re starting to see answers to some questions that had been raised for the viewer, there’s still some questions that have yet to be answered.

In my review of the previous disc, I mentioned that I had hoped that there would be some kind of satisfactory answer as to why Dio and Lucciola are so interested in Claus. Unfortunately, over the course of the four episodes included on this disc, I didn’t think that this has really been explained yet.

My answer to my question concerning Mullin in my review for the previous volume was answered immediately when I watched this DVD. By joining the crew of the Silvana, it’s now possible for him to become a main character and become an important part of the story.

I’m seeing a lot of potential for the story of Last Exile as the series continues. At this point, my main two questions are why Dio and Lucciola are so interested in Claus and what exactly Alvis is and what kind of role she is going to play for the overall storyline.

When it comes to the DVD itself, there are three bonus features included. The first is “Art Gallery,” which contains 25 pages of model sheets of both characters and mecha that the viewer can scroll through at their own pace. “Geneon Previews” contains trailers for properties the company was promoting at the time this DVD was released. The third and final extra on the disc is the DVD Credits.

If you enjoy Last Exile, then it’s a series that you should add to your home video collection. Unfortunately, this DVD by Geneon is long out of print. However, FUNimation acquired the rights for the series after Geneon went out of business, and released a complete series box set for Last Exile in 2009. This box set might be worth tracking down if you want to own Last Exile on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of Last Exile: Discovered Attack that I checked out through the King County Library System.

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