Pokemon X: 10 Years of Pokemon is a soundtrack CD that covers the first nine seasons of the Pokemon anime series. The disc itself is designed to look like a Pokeball, and there are a total of 18 tracks on the CD.

Pokemon X: 10 Years of Pokemon
Publisher: Koch Records
Release Date: March 27, 2007

To represent the first season, we have the full-length original Pokemon theme, as well as the infamous “Pokerap.” Both of these songs are also available on the Pokemon 2.B.A. Master CD.

Four songs are included for the Orange Islands season of Pokemon. They are “Pokemon World” (the theme song for that season), “2 B A Master,” “Together Forever,” and “Double Trouble (Team Rocket).” The last three songs on the list are all from the “Pikachu’s Jukebox” segment, and they also all appear on the Pokemon 2.B.A. Master CD.

For The Johto Journeys season, only two songs are included: “Pokemon Johto” (that season’s theme song) and “PokeRap GS.” The next five seasons only have their respective season themes to represent them: “Born to Be a Winner” (Johto League Champions theme), “Believe in Me” (Master Quest theme), “I Want to Be a Hero” (Pokemon Advanced theme), “This Dream” (Pokemon Advanced Challenge theme), and “Unbeatable” (Pokemon Advanced Battle theme).

For Battle Frontier, the final season represented on the disc, there are five songs: “Battle Frontier” (season theme), “Hoenn PokeRap,” “Best Friends,” “Stay Together,” and “Pokemon Go” (which is the first actual ending theme song for the English-dubbed version of Pokemon). From what I can tell, “Hoenn PokeRap,” “Best Friends,” and “Stay Together” were recorded specifically for this CD release.

Listening to this CD from the beginning to the end, it’s very interesting to hear how the music of the series evolved sonically during its first 10 years. The songs from the early years definitely have more of a late 1990’s/early 2000’s “teen pop” sound to them. In the later years, however, while you may still have some of that “teen pop” sound, the arrangements have been changed to give the songs a little more of a “rock” edge to them.

While the tracks on the first half of the disc are already on other Pokemon CDs, it is nice to have them included on one disc, along with the other songs that weren’t already available elsewhere. I think this CD would be a good addition to the anime music library of a Pokemon fan, especially for one that has really enjoyed the music of Pokemon over the years.

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