This is an episode that features one self-contained story instead of being comprised of two separate stories.

The entire episode focuses on Hima High’s culture festival. The Glasses Club tries to make the 41st version of the X-ray glasses, but those are a failure and blow up. Yukiya is sent into the club room to work on the 42nd version of the glasses.

While he does this, the rest of the club members launch their display for the festival, which is the “Come, Glasses Wearers! Treasure Hunt Game.” Players have to wear glasses in order to play. The club is providing the glasses, and the objective is to find 10 of Yukiya’s naptime wakey-eye stickers hidden throughout the school. The first person to find 10 and return to the club room will win the prize, which is 15,000 yen worth of school meal tickets. At first, no one’s interested. However, once the prize is announced, they suddenly find themselves inundated by people wanting glasses in order to play the game.

The pandemonium gets so bad that people burst into the club room where Yukiya is working on the X-ray glasses. In the confusion, someone grabs the X-ray glasses. The Glasses Club must figure out where the glasses are.

In addition to this, we see the unveiling of what is supposed to be the Grand Cross Blizzard Eternal SS Tower. However, it’s not be what the student council president was expecting. It turns out that it’ll take a lot of cooperation to make what it actually is work as it should.

Overall, I found this episode to be as enjoyable as Episode 11 had been. For the most part, this is basically how I would have expected Meganebu! to end.

Now that I’ve finished the series, I can say that I enjoyed the first three episodes and the final two episodes. Unfortunately, the seven episodes that appeared in between these bookends really didn’t do much for me. If the storytelling that was used in the five episodes I liked had been employed throughout the whole series, I would have enjoyed it so much more than I did.

Unfortunately, the five episodes that I liked of Meganebu! just aren’t enough for me to want to watch this series again in the future or to add it to my anime home video collection.

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