At the end of Episode 12, Kanon commandeered the Iron Spider and controlled it with her power to generate electricity. She chases after the train carrying the Coppelion and the humans who escaped from the Old Capital, and she’s willing to die in order to get her revenge on the humans and on the Coppelion who have sided with the humans.

In addition to this, we see the vice principal and Colonel Ibuse finally taking matters into their own hands and getting a rescue helicopter in order to rescue the people on the train. In this episode, we also get to see what happens with Ibuki’s delivery.

I don’t want to go into any further detail, because I’d be providing some major “spoilers,” and I don’t want to spoil the episode for readers who haven’t seen it yet. All I will say is that I thought many of the loose ends that were presented at this point in the series were wrapped up nicely. When it comes to the Coppelion, we basically know what happens to them at the end, but the ending is done in such a way that it’s open-ended. Even though it’s an open-ended ending, I just can’t see another season being produced for Coppelion. The dramatic elements that we knew about in the series are no longer there, so there wouldn’t really be much to propel a second season. This open-ended conclusion makes for great fodder for anyone who wants to write fan fiction for Coppelion.

Even though I’ve read a lot of people ragging on Coppelion on the internet, I have to say that I actually enjoyed the series. Yes, the art may not have always been the best, but I thought it was a well-told story. Admittedly, the series was a little slow to get going. However, once it got going, I became emotionally invested in the characters and in some of the ethical questions that they found themselves facing.

I really hope that the streaming numbers did well enough for VIZ Media that they’ll consider trying to negotiate the home video rights for Coppelion. This is a series I enjoyed enough that I’d like to be able to watch it again and to be able to include it in my anime home video library.

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