Episode 12 is the final episode of Beyond the Boundary. A major focus of this episode is on Akihito and Mirai being in the core of Beyond the Boundary, and on everything they try to do in order to defeat it. It builds and builds, until it ends with a climax that I wasn’t entirely expecting.

The rest of the episode focuses on Izumi, Hiromi, Mitsuki, Sakura, and Shizuku facing off against Miroku. During this section, it was nice to finally see a tie-in with the scythe that Sakura had used earlier in the series.

This episode wrapped up quite a few loose ends, although there was something that was revealed during this episode in regards to Izumi that the audience never truly gets an explanation for. As a viewer, I was a little frustrated by this. This left at least one lingering question when the episode ended.

I also had mixed feelings about how the series ended. A major plot point happens that affects Akihito and helps him to truly grow and develop as a character. However, something happens right at the end of the episode to totally reverse the major plot point. And there wasn’t any real explanation for how this reversal happened. While I was rooting for an outcome like this, I didn’t truly like this outcome came to be. It came across as a “cop out” in order for the series to have a “happily ever after” ending.

Sorry that I’m not going into any further detail, but doing so would provide major “spoilers” to readers who haven’t already seen this episode.

Now that I’ve reached the end of the series, I can say that while it wasn’t a bad show, it wasn’t a great show, either. I’m glad I was able to view it as a stream for free and didn’t have to pay anything in order to watch it. This is the kind of show that I’m probably not going to be in a rush to watch again.

If Beyond the Boundary ever comes out on home video, I wouldn’t rush to buy it at full price. I’d probably add it to my anime home video collection at some point if I could get it rather cheaply through Right Stuf’s Holiday Sale or something like that.

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