Episode 12 sees Harutora and the rest of his class going away for a training camp. Harutora and Natsume are surprised to discover that Suzuka is waiting there when they arrive. Apparently, Jin had asked her to come.

We see one of the training sessions that they go through, which focuses on having the students control a simple familiar and have the familiar cook curry. Harutora and Tenma have some hilarious mishaps, but Natsume is able to control her familiar perfectly. Later, when Harutora tries to control his simple familiar to help clean up, it stumbles and causes a pot to roll down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, Harutora sees the strange blond girl he met back in Episode 10. He asks her if someone could make a simple familiar that is human and manipulate it from far away. Her response is that it’s possible, but it would take a lot of skill to keep people from noticing that it’s a familiar.

Meanwhile, Touji talks to Suzuka privately and reveals that he knows that her father was the leader of the terrorist attacks in Tokyo two years ago who used himself as a vessel and summoned the ogre. He then proposes a partnership between the two of them, as well as with Harutora, Natsume, Kyoko, and Tenma. After meeting together as a group and having some information revealed in regards to Yakou Tsuchimikado, Suzuka declares that she has no intention of working with the rest of the group in a partnership.

The remainder of the episode focuses on relationship complications, and with Harutora finally talking with others outside of his inner circle about the familiar named Hokuto.

Early on, this episode felt like it was going to be another light-hearted episode. However, as it progressed and important information was revealed in several scenes, I realized that this was actually more than a “throw-away” episode.

By the end of Episode 12, it appears that Harutora may finally be cluing into the fact that Natsume was the person controlling Hokuto. If I’m right, then he’s going to have a lot of questions for Natsume, and I’m interested to see how this will be handled in the series.

According to what I’ve seen, there are 24 episodes for Tokyo Ravens. This means we’ve now reached the halfway point of the series. It would make sense for Harutora to finally have this realization in the series at this point.

During this episode, the audience also learns about the Raven Coat, a coat that Yakou always wore. Apparently, it’s believed that by using the Raven Coat, it would be clear whether or not someone was the reincarnation of Yakou. Supposedly, it’s in the possession of the Onmyo Agency, but something that’s said later makes it sound like it’s somewhere else. Now that this element has been brought up, as well as Natsume’s curiosity as to whether or not she truly is the reincarnation of Yakou, I believe that this could become a very important plot point in the second half of the series.

From the hints that were dropped during this episode, it looks like the second half of Tokyo Ravens could be rather interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 13 in order to learn what will happen next.

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