This is an episode that features one self-contained story instead of being comprised of two separate stories.

This episode sees Hima High getting ready for its upcoming culture festival. The student council president says he wants to build a Grand Cross Blizzard Eternal SS Tower, which he envisions as a large tower. Let’s just say there’s really no enthusiasm among the club representatives that are at the meeting for this project. Instead, they complain that they have their own club displays to do and that it sounds like a pain. Undeterred, the student council president presses on with the idea. For the culture festival, the Glasses Club decides that they need to create a Glasses Club display and complete the X-ray Glasses.

The student council president keeps hoping that other students will help out with this project, but to no avail. There’s not a lot of time left until the culture festival, so the student council president decides to take a look around inside the school. When he goes in, he finds copies of his flyer filling up the garbage cans. He speaks out loud about his disappointment and how we had hoped this project would help Hima High be looked at more than just a laughingstock. Akira overhears him, and he decides that the Glasses Club is going to help out.

When they go out and start building, Toru accuses them of doing their own thing again. Akira tells the student council to calm down, and he proposes a contest. While Yukiya and one of the student council members engages in this contest, the remaining members of the Glasses Club work on the tower while the student council is distracted. When they realize what’s happened, everyone on the student council except for Toru is impressed.

That evening, a typhoon blows in and is wreaking havoc. Can the Glasses Club’s tower withstand this force of nature?

Can I say that this was one of the best episodes of Meganebu! that I’ve seen since Episode Three? This episode focused a lot more on progressing the story and on some character development than on the exaggerated hijinks that the intervening episodes relied on. This is the type of storytelling that I enjoyed seeing early on in Meganebu!, and I wish this kind of storytelling could have been more prominent in the series overall.

This episode is very important for progressing the relations between the Glasses Club and most of the members of the student council. This episode makes it clear that it was basically Toru who had a chip on his shoulder about the Glasses Club, and the rest of the student council was going along with him earlier simply to appease him. However, after working side-by-side with the Glasses Club, they come to realize that these guys are a lot better than they had given them credit for.

I also appreciated seeing Akira helping someone outside of the Glasses Club. Admittedly, his main motivation was the fact that the student council president wears glasses and he wanted to help a fellow glasses user, but I still have to give him credit for helping out like he did.

The ending shot of this episode looked rather ominous, since it was Toru looking from a distance as the other student council members and the Glasses Club were talking and laughing together. I wonder if Toru is going to try to do something to sabotage the tower.

There was actually a “kind of, sort of” preview at the end of the episode, which seems to indicate that the actual culture festival will be taking place in Episode 12. Everything I’ve seen indicates that Episode 12 is the final episode of Meganebu!, and with how Episode 11 ended, I can believe that Episode 12 will be the end.

At this point, I’m curious to see how the series will end, as well as to see whether or not Episode 12 will end up being as enjoyable to me as Episode 11 was.

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