The episode opens with Mirai in an isolated dimension having a battle with Beyond the Boundary. There’s suddenly a loud roar that nearly knocks Mirai down.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Hiromi come to visit Akihito in his hospital room. He learns that he’s been in a coma for three months, and he also hears noises that no one else can hear. He appears to be hearing the roars from the isolated dimension. Akihito also learns that Hiromi’s powers appear to be weakening. And when Akihito asks what happened to Mirai, he is told that she vanished off the face of the earth after she took Beyond the Boundary out of Akihito’s body.

Later, Akihito has a conversation with Izumi, and she ultimately explains what she knows about Beyond the Boundary and Mirai’s disappearance. After this, he returns home and scrolls through the texts that have been on his phone for the past three months. He finds one from Mirai, which she had sent right before she went to go take care of Beyond the Boundary. It’s a rather long-winded message, but the gist is that she has come to realize that her cursed powers are meant to save people, and that she’s glad that she met Akihito. He cries after reading her message all the way through.

Miroku, meanwhile, is aware of the isolated dimension, and he has a monologue where he talks to himself about the truth of Beyond the Boundary and Mirai. After hooking up his car to jumper cables and attaching them to something that looks like an antenna, he sends more power to the isolated dimension to try to help Beyond the Boundary defeat Mirai.

After this power is sent, the isolated dimension becomes visible in the sky above, and the youmu start being sucked into the isolated dimension. While this is going on, Akihito, Mitsuki, Hiromi, Sakura, and Ninomiya receive messages telling them to come to the Literary Club’s clubroom and that Mirai is still alive. When they reach the room, they find a surprise waiting for them, and information is revealed. This information gives Akihito the determination he needs in order to do something to save Mirai.

Wow… a LOT happened over the course of this episode! After seeing Izumi’s conversation with Akihito, I can start seeing her in a little better light than I did at the end of Episode 10.

The major standout scene of this episode to me was when Akihito reads through Mirai’s text. I liked being able to see her side of the story through this, and it was rather moving when Akihito cried at the end of this scene. This scene was done so well that it made me feel bad for Akihito.

I also liked the final scene in the episode a lot. However, I’m not going into any detail on it, because writing about it would be providing a major “spoiler.” But this scene will be very important for Episode 12.

Beyond the Boundary is definitely heading toward its conclusion at this point. At the end of Episode 11, there’s no doubt that the series is almost over. According to what I’ve seen, there are still two episodes left. I’m curious to see how the series is ultimately going to conclude.

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