I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow Volume One is rated “T+” for older teens. While this is the most appropriate rating for what exists in the rating system, I honestly don’t believe that teenagers would have much of an interest in this series, considering what the premise of it is.

I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow Volume One
Written by: Shunju Aono
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: May 18, 2010

The main character of the series is Shizuo Ogura, a 40-year-old man who decides to leave his corporate life behind in order to try to find himself. After being out of the workforce for a month, Shizuo decides to try to become a published manga artist. This does not go over well with his elderly father, who lives with Shizuo and Shizuo’s teenage daughter, Suzuko.

Unfortunately, Shizuo has never really drawn before, which makes the idea of his becoming a professional manga artist almost laughable. Over the course of the volume, he comes up with various manga ideas and tries to pitch them to publishers. There’s one particular publisher he goes to on a frequent basis, and the guy he talks to is obviously giving him generic lines and isn’t truly interested in getting him published. Unfortunately, Shizuo doesn’t pick up on how insincere this person really is.

During this volume, Shizuo also ends up getting a part-time job at a fast food place. The younger employees give him the nickname of “manager” to poke fun at how old he is. He also ends up befriending a rebellious young man named Ichinosawa who works at the fast food place for less than a day

The end of the volume includes a short story called, “To Live,” which sees Shizuo encountering a suicidal young woman. We see what drove her to this state and what Shizuo ends up doing to convince her that life is worth living.

When it comes to the story for I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow, it’s definitely going to have a stronger appeal to adult manga readers than it will to teenagers. Honestly, I have a hard time seeing teenagers being interested in a manga series about a 40-year-old man going through a midlife crisis.

To me, the art in this volume feels a little on the rough side. I expect the rough-looking feel to Shizuo’s attempts at drawing manga, but I felt that the rough feel was seen throughout the volume. I also thought the design for the suicidal girl in “To Live” looked a little too similar to Suzuko’s design. The main difference is that the girl in “To Live” has longer hair than Suzuko.

Overall, I really didn’t find myself terribly invested in this story. That’s not to say that this is a bad manga or that I hated it, it’s just I had hard time relating to it. While I may be a woman in my later thirties, I just can’t quite relate to a 40-year-old man going through a midlife crisis like Shizuo does in this story. I also really didn’t come to care much for Shizuo as a character.

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to read more volumes of I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow, I wouldn’t necessarily turn down the opportunity if I came across the second volume of the series on the shelf of my local library.