Tokyo Ravens: Episode 11 – “GIRL RETURN -Tiger-“

Tokyo Ravens is an anime that follows a young man named Harutora Tsuchimikado. He was born into an onmyo family, but he had no power whatsoever. He is a member of the Tsuchimikado branch family, and the branch family is expected to serve the members of the main family. At the end of episode two, Harutora officially became the familiar for Natsume, his cousin from the main family who is believed to be the reincarnation of their ancestor, Yakou Tsuchimikado.

In episode four, Harutora and his friend Touji relocate to Tokyo to attend the Onmyo Preparatory School in order to be near Natsume. At school, Natsume has to pose as a boy, and she ends up getting a bit of unwanted attention due to the belief that she is the reincarnation of Yakou.

Since learning the truth about Natsume at the end of episode 10, Suzuka uses this to blackmail Harutora and Natsume into doing whatever she wants them to do. We see the two of the being ordered around and run ragged, doing things like massaging her shoulders, filing her nails, and getting Suzuka whatever she asks for right away.

By Sunday, Natsume and Harutora are exhausted and think it’ll be great not to see Suzuka that day; unfortunately, she calls and texts them. They try to ignore it, but Suzuka suddenly appears in the room with them. As punishment, she makes them show her Harutora’s dorm room. She spends her time criticizing everything in the room. Then, she demands to see Natsume’s room. Natsume tries to refuse, but Suzuka overpowers her and then ties her up and gags her.

Suzuka, Harutora, and Touji go to Natsume’s room. Suzuka discovers a spell on the door, but she is able to get around it and open it. At first, nothing looks out of the ordinary. But then Suzuka realizes that a spell is protecting the closet door. As she tries to break through the spell, Natsume manages to slither her way down the hall to her room. Harutora summons Kon and has her free Natsume’s bonds. After Natsume’s hands and feet are free, she suddenly flings Kon at Suzuka and summons Hokuto to protect the closet. The dragon is much too big for the room, and so damage is sustained.

The next morning, Kon discovers that she cannot get rid of her physical form, and her invisibility spell also isn’t working. With this going on, Harutora has her stay in his dorm room. Kon develops ideas of her own, and she grabs Harutora’s prized varsity jacket and uses it to try to disguise herself so she can go to Onmyo Prep and watch over Harutora. Unfortunately, Kon inadvertently causes an uproar, which forces the students to essentially go into a lockdown in their classrooms, and Zenjiro and his familiars are called in to help with the situation.

This was definitely meant to be a light-hearted episode, so it makes me think that a major and serious story arc must be coming up in the series rather quickly. This episode was also meant to show more of Suzuka as she tries to adapt to life at Onmyo Prep.

I was right when I mentioned in my writeup for episode 10 that Suzuka intended to continue being a pain in the butt to Harutora. And armed with her knowledge of the truth concerning Natsume, this ended up giving her even more leverage to be able to cause misery for both Harutora and Natsume. After seeing this episode, I firmly believe that Suzuka is intended to be a villain that you love to hate.

I feel pretty confident that Suzuka is going to play an important role for at least one more episode, since the next episode preview shows that the title is, “GIRL RETURN -Love-.” And considering the “GIRL RETURN” title didn’t appear until Suzuka reappeared in the series, I think it’s safe to assume that any episode with “GIRL RETURN” in the title will feature Suzuka.

So now I’m interested to see what will happen in the next episode, especially after seeing what the title of it is.

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