This episode includes two stories: “The Rules Say You’re Safe, But Glasses Say You’re Out” and “When I Look at the Glasses Club, It Makes Me Think of Us Back Then.”

“The Rules Say You’re Safe, But Glasses Say You’re Out” sees Akira bringing a game called Glasses Sugoroku that he found on the side of the road to the club room. The Glasses Club begins to play the game, with Akira going first. After he rolls the dice, the piece moves on its own and words show up in the middle of the game board: “Your lenses fog up when you wear a mask.” Masks suddenly appear on their faces, and everyone’s glasses fog up except for Hayato’s. Since he can see, Hayato reads the rules and finds where it says, “All players must respond ‘I’ve been there’ to the instructions for that space.” Everyone except Hayato says it, but the masks don’t disappear. Once Hayato also says it, the masks disappear and the fog fades.

They play another three turns, and Hayato’s not saying “I’ve been there” becomes a running gag and it got old by the third turn. The other club members seem to feel the same way, because they quit the game and head out of the club room. However, when they try to leave the school building, they find they can’t open any of the doors that lead outside. They are suddenly approached by Takuma’s brothers, who perform magic spells in an attempt to get them to take off their glasses. Hayato comes running up and shows that the game is saying, “Abandoning the game in progress is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in glasses retribution.”

The rest of the story seems them being chased by more fake versions of people that are take-offs from movies. The Glasses Club is able to make it up onto the roof and continue playing the game.

This story ended up being a rip-off of Jumanji, and for the most part, it just wasn’t a very strong story. The best part was when the Glasses Club comments that the people chasing them seem to be rip-offs from movies, and Takuma says that maybe the game is ripping off a movie, too. Technically, Jumanji started out as a book first, but I still found that particular line of dialogue to be rather funny. Everything else about the episode was basically a waste.

The second story, “When I Look at the Glasses Club, It Makes Me Think of Us Back Then,” sees Shirogane, the Glasses Club advisor, sharing a story of when he was a student at Hima High and was the president of the Automotive Club. The basic point of this particular story is that Shirogane says that seeing the Glasses Club makes him think of what he was like at that age, and that he’ll put his teaching career on the line to protect them. Up to that point, I thought this was simply a story to provide some backstory for the Glasses Club advisor. However, with that line about putting his teaching career on the line, I’m wondering if that could be foreshadowing something.

Well, there’s only two episodes left of Meganebu! Considering we’re getting so close to the end, I suspect a major storyline must be coming up, and that Episode 10 was simply a more light-hearted episode to lighten the mood before that. I hope I’m right on that, especially after Shirogane’s ominous-sounding line at the end of “When I Look at the Glasses Club, It Makes Me Think of Us Back Then.” If there isn’t a major storyline left in the series, I’m going to be rather disappointed.

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