Strike the Blood: Episode 10 – “Angel in Flames II”

Strike the Blood is set on Itogami Island, and it’s known as the Demon District because it’s the home of various magical beings who have been authorized by the government to live there for protection and research purposes. The main character of the series is Kojou Akatsuki; three months prior to the start of the series, he became the Fourth Progenitor, which has given him vampiric powers. A girl named Yukina Himeragi has been given a mission by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou, and if she deems him to be dangerous, she has been ordered to kill him.

This episode sees Kojou and Yukina joining Natsuki and Astarte for a festival. As it’s pointed out, there usually isn’t a festival this time of year; it has been set up by the school as a cover for an operation that they need to do. It turns out there was an incident three days earlier that was caused by Possession Mask and five incidents of the same type have occurred in the past two weeks. Kojou is ordered to catch them; however, he doesn’t know how, since they can fly. Natsuki tells him to use his Familiars.

Just then, two people of Possession Mask show up and begin to fight. Natsuki and Yukina try to join the fray, but they are repelled. When Kojou tries to use his ninth Familiar to attack one of them, it withstands the attack. Suddenly, the other one comes over and attacks the Possession Mask person that Kojou tried to attack; it’s as if they’re trying to save Kojou and the others. The one doing the saving has its mask broken off, and the girl looks a lot like Kanon, the girl with the cats that we met in episode nine.

Later, Kojou and Yukina go to Magus Craft, because Kanon lives in part of the company housing; she was taken in by a man who works here after an incident that happened at the monastery where Kanon had lived at. They aren’t able to see either Kanon or her adopted father, and the father’s secretary claims they’re at a research facility on another island. A plane is chartered to take them there, and after they’re dropped off, the pilot leaves them behind to strand them. Kojou and Yukina must find a way to survive on this deserted island until help can arrive.

Meanwhile, Sayaka finds the monastery that Kanon had lived at, and she encounters Motoki there. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nagisa and Asagi, who are looking for Kojou because he never showed up that day to help Asagi finish her art project. Through some research, Asagi is able to find where Kojou and Yukina are.

I believe this whole Possession Mask thing was basically hinted at in episode nine, and that it was the plot point I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around because so little information was revealed then. A little more is revealed now, but there’s still quite a bit the audience doesn’t know yet. In that regard, it does make this story arc a little hard to follow and understand. I hope that the next episode will be able to provide more clarity for this particular story arc.

And well, it looks like the storyline with Kanon last week ended up being crucial for the overarching story after all. They needed to meet Kanon so one of the early scenes in this episode would work and make sense.

After Sayaka and the others got involved in the story, it appears that Sayaka and Asagi arguing with each other could potentially become a running gag in the series. It happened twice in this episode alone, and I could see this happening each time these particular characters have to interact with each other. If I’m right about that, I’m hoping that it’s a gag that won’t become overused.

Oh, and it looks like I was wrong about the series reaching a conclusion soon. Recent research I have done suggests Strike the Blood will be running for 24 episodes instead of 12, so it looks like we’re almost halfway through. And after seeing today’s episode, we’re definitely nowhere near the end of the series.

I have to admit that, so far, I’m not entirely impressed with this particular story arc for Strike the Blood, due to how confusing it seems to be right now. I will keep watching, though, with the hope that this story arc will make better sense soon.

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