BlazBlue: Alter Memory: Episode 10 – “The God-Killer’s Cocoon”

BlazBlue: Alter Memory is an anime that features a character named Ragna the Bloodedge, who is also known as The Grim Reaper. He has a reputation for destroying NOL branch offices; because of this, he has a high bounty on his head. The start of the series sees the characters living in a time loop; however, after Noel Vermillion rescues Ragna in episode two, the time loop is broken.

Noel ends up being the major focus in episode 10. After finding that Hazama has defeated Tager at the rendezvous stop, Makoto begins attacking Hazama. Noel activates her Archenemy and begins using her two guns to also attack Hazama. Unfortunately, Hazama changes into his real form, and summons a chain that captures Makoto; he swings Makoto around and knocks her into buildings.

During all of this, Hazama/Terumi tells Noel that she is the Twelfth Prime Field and that Noel is simply just a doll. He keeps telling her that she shouldn’t exist and that her existence is what is making all of the people she knows suffer.  He releases Makoto from the chain, but she falls from a rather tall place and cannot be seen anywhere below. After seeing this, Noel essentially gives up, saying she doesn’t need this world. Hazama/Terumi takes her and now says he has control of everything.

Meanwhile, Ragna and Jin battle each other. Jin tells Ragna that he’s the source of all evil leading the world to ruin, and that Jin will be the one to kill him. Just as the battle is getting intense, Ragna gets a sense that something’s wrong and suddenly leaves. Ragna’s master appears and tells Jin to not follow Ragna but to instead go to the Cauldron underground, and he should go there if he truly wants to fight Ragna.

Ragna, meanwhile, appears at another Cauldron and finds Hazama/Terumi waiting for him. Noel is in this Cauldron, and Ragna is determined to save her. A battle between Ragna and Hazama/Terumi is just getting underway when the episode ends. There’s also a major reveal right after the ending credits in regards to Hazama/Terumi, and this has a major impact on Ragna and his ability to fight him.

Rachel also frees the hero that fought against Ragna early on in the series, and has ordered him to fulfill his role, which would mean eliminating Ragna since he’s the Azure Successor. So now, not only is Ragna going to have to fight against Hazama/Terumi, he’ll have to face this hero character as well. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that the Imperator truly makes an appearance in this episode and plays a role near the end.

I think the one thing I walked away with from this episode is the fact that it’s obviously getting close to its conclusion. The stakes have gotten higher, and at this point, I have no way of predicting how this series is ultimately going to end.

While this series has been interesting to watch, I wish the early episodes hadn’t been quite so confusing. Since I had a hard time getting to know the characters early on, it’s truly hard for me to really become too terribly invested in what’s happening to everybody at this point. Oh well. I’m still interested in following this series through, since it appears it’s almost finished.

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