The main character of the series is Maria Kawaii, a girl who transferred to Totsuka High School after being expelled from St. Katria for beating up a teacher. At the beginning of the series, she was misunderstood and bullied by many of her classmates. However, she was still able to make friends with Yusuke Kanda, Shin Meguro, and Tomoyo Kousaka.

The third story arc introduces a new character named Shintaro Kurosu, a new freshman at school has taken an interest in Maria. Maria does not reciprocate his feelings, but he keeps finding ways to try to hang around her. Maria is still in love with Shin, even if he doesn’t seem to be returning her feelings.

During Volume 10, Maria lost her voice after being hugged by Shin and having the memories of what happened with her mother flood back into her. At the same time, one of Shin’s hands in injured. The end of Volume 10 also saw Shin and Maria officially becoming a couple.

A Devil and Her Love Song Volume 11
Written by: Miyoshi Tomori
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: October 1, 2013

At the beginning of Volume 11, the relationship for Shin and Maria is a little rocky, because Maria is unable to communicate what she means due to losing her voice. When she’s at Shin’s house, she finds the copy of the newspaper article about her mother’s rape in his things, and she decides to return to Yokosuka in order to piece everything together in an attempt to get her voice back.

When Maria buys a ticket to go to Yokosuka, Shintaro is also there. It turns out he lives in Yokosuka and offers to take her around. Shin and Yusuke arrive, and they also buy tickets to go to Yokosuka.

After getting to Yokosuka, Maria starts getting pieces of information, which culminates with some very unexpected things occurring. By the end of this volume, Maria goes through quite a bit of character development.

Wow, this volume of A Devil and Her Love Song was very intense! I found myself getting so wrapped up in what was going on that I didn’t want to put it down. And I admit that by the end of the volume, I found myself almost crying a couple of times.

This volume also finally fits all the puzzle pieces of Maria’s backstory into place through her visit to Yokosuka. During her time in Yokosuka, we also got to meet characters that are connected to her past that I personally thought we would never meet.

Now that Maria has finally found the answers she’s been seeking, it looks like the focus of Volume 12 will be on Shin and the injury he sustained on his hand. We did see a little bit of a focus on the injury in this volume, and it was enough to raise concerns for the reader. I suspect that we’ll find out what exactly is going on with the injury in Volume 12, and how that answer could affect Shin and his relationship with Maria.

If you’re a fan of A Devil and Her Love Song, you do not want to miss reading Volume 11. Fans of the series will be highly rewarded by what they read and learn in this volume.

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