Coppelion: Episode 11 – “Awakening”

Coppelion is an anime set in a postapocalyptic setting, where a disaster has taken place in the capital and the people had to be evacuated. Genetically engineered children called Coppelion were created; they were born with a strong resistance to the environment so they can walk through the capital in order to look for any survivors. The Coppelion attend the National Defense Academy technical school, hence why you tend to see them dressed in school uniforms while out on missions.

This episode sees both of the plot points in episode 10 appear again, but the two plot points dovetail together around the halfway point of episode 11.

The Diversion Team is facing off against the Iron Spider, a spider-like mecha that the 1st Division has. In addition to this, they also have the Ozu sisters to fight against. Ibuki’s husband tells Ibara that the Iron Spider’s vulnerable spot is the hatch underneath its belly. When Ibara shoots at it, all she manages to do is knock it down temporarily. Unfortunately, it falls near the building where the leader of the 1st Division was being held, and he is able to escape on the Iron Spider.

Ibuki’s husband points out a switch that’s at the end of the Iron Spider’s round abdomen. Aoi is given the task of getting up there while Ibara deals with the Ozu sisters. Something very surprising happens with Aoi during this scene, and it helps to turn the tide of the battle with both the Iron Spider and the Ozu sisters.

Later, Haruto realizes it’s getting close to time for the zone to reach them and the train hasn’t arrived yet. He goes to see what’s going on, and learns about Gojiro trying to fix a problem at the transformer substation. Together, Gojiro and Haruto fix this problem; however, a new problem arises when a power pole collapses. Gennai works at getting this repaired. But the complications continue to happen as time starts to run out.

This was a rather tense episode, especially with all of the issues the Maintenance Team kept encountering as it was becoming clearer that time was running out for them to make their escape.

This episode also gave us insight into Gojiro, and we learned what his job was and what he had done before the accident happened. It’s also during the scene with Haruto and Gojiro that we see that Haruto has truly come to care about the humans and wants to help them.

The leader of the 1st Division also has an important role to play right near the end of episode 11. And through this role, the audience gets to learn about his motivations and why he has enacted the plan that is now happening.

There’s a lot that happens in this episode to not only progress the story, but to help the audience better understand some of the characters as well. And from the way this episode is written, it’s pretty clear that the series is just about to reach its climax and its conclusion.

After writing last week’s writeup, I did some more research and it appears there’s actually 13 episodes of Coppelion, which means there’s still two episodes remaining. From seeing the preview, the next episode will be focusing on the attempt to escape from the Old Capital. But if there is one more, what would it cover? Perhaps it’ll explore the aftermath of what the Coppelion have gone through over the course of the series?

I’m very interested to watch the next episode to see what happens as the Coppelion and the humans from the Planet attempt to make it out of the Old Capital. Also, I’m interested to see if Ibuki will deliver her baby in episode 12 or not.

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