The first half of the episode ends up being a dream sequence that Akihito has. In the dream, Akihito, as well as the audience, learns the truth about what happened at the end of Episode Nine. We learn that Beyond the Boundary was the youmu residing inside Akihito, and that Mirai had come to that town to kill the Beyond the Boundary. However, she couldn’t bring herself to kill him. She had heard that if she used the power of her blood during the Calm, she could force Beyond the Boundary to leave his body. He also learns that Mirai has disappeared after expelling Beyond the Boundary.

After Akihito wakes up from the dream, the rest of the episode is essentially an “info dump” that finally reveals the truth about Mirai and Izumi. The info dumping also includes flashbacks of things we saw earlier in the series, as well as conversations that were hinted at in earlier episodes but weren’t seen.

The dream sequence portion of the episode was a little confusing right at first, because time was skipping around so much. It tended to alternate between winter scenes with Mirai and Akihito and then summer scenes that feature Mirai, Akihito, and some of the other characters. However, from the final scene in the episode, it appears the winter scenes that were part of that section actually weren’t part of Akihito’s dream. It seems to be scenes of where Mirai is now.

On the one hand, it was good to finally get all of the pieces of the story leading up to this point. However, this portion basically lasted for half of the episode, with nothing to really break it up.

This was definitely a different episode for Beyond the Boundary. It’s an important episode, but it was definitely a bit of a trip. Things happened and information was revealed that I wasn’t expecting, and I was feeling a bit lost during the dream portion of the episode. However, once I reached the end of the dream sequence, things started making a little more sense.

For those of you who may be wondering, Mirai was able to communicate with Akihito through the dream because a tiny bit of her blood was still in him, which is making him have this dream. And it appeared right at the end of the dream that Mirai was basically confessing her feelings to Akihito.

From seeing the preview for Episode 11, it looks like time will be spent on Mirai and where she has mysteriously disappeared to. I’m looking forward to seeing this episode in the hopes of being able to find out exactly what has happened to Mirai, as well as how Akihito will move forward.

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