This episode continues the 60-kilometer Welcoming Race for the first years in the bicycle racing club. At the end of Episode Eight, Sakamichi and Shunsuke were only 500 meters away from reaching the peak. Nearly the first half of Episode Nine focuses on Sakamichi and Shunsuke’s race to reach the peak first and become “King of the Mountain.”

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to provide “spoilers” in order to continue the writeup. Sakamichi ends up reaching the peak first. Unfortunately, he’s used up so much of his stamina that he collapses and falls off the bike onto the side of the road. The team captain and the coach both tell Sakamichi that he had a good race and he did a good job. Sakamichi rides with the others in the van to see who will ultimately win the race: Naruko or Shunsuke.

I have to give Yowamushi Pedal credit for writing this in a way that it was realistic. Sakamichi had gotten several breaks and a bit of luck during the race, but I had a feeling that realistically, his luck would have to run out. While Sakamichi may not have won the overall race, he can say that he did reach the peak first, which is pretty impressive for a guy who’s racing for the first time.

As I watched the first half of this episode, I was almost on the edge of my seat because the racing was so intense, especially when Sakamichi and Shunsuke were trying to reach the peak. One would get ahead of the other, and then the other one would take the lead again. There truly was no way of predicting who would reach the peak first before it happened.

Now that the 60-kilometer Welcoming Race has finally reached its conclusion, I’m wondering where the story will head, especially since it appears there are only three more episodes left. Will there be a timeskip and we jump ahead to the next race? Or will there be some time spent on seeing the training the first years go through before entering another race?

I’m very curious about what will happen next, and I’m looking forward to watching Episode 10 in order to find out.

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