This is an episode that features one self-contained story instead of being comprised of two separate stories.

This episode sees Akira, Takuma, and Yukiya going off on a class trip to Okinawa, while Hayato and Mitsuki are left at school. Mitsuki is sad about Akira being gone, and spends a lot of time looking through all the pictures of Akira that he has on his phone. During the episode, we learn that there 999 pictures of Akira on there.

Meanwhile in Okinawa, the other three members learn about “Sea Walk,” a diving tour where people can walk around underwater even with glasses on. The tour actually goes rather well, but the three of them spend too much time playing on the beach and are left behind by the boat from the tour. The three of them must find a way to make it back to the main island of Okinawa on their own.

Meanwhile, the glasses that Akira had picked out for Mitsuki appear to have lost a screw, and Hayato offers to take them to a glasses shop in order to have them fixed. When Mitsuki goes to the shop, he encounters Hayato’s younger brother and older brother. Hayato’s older brother drags Mitsuki to their house to have dinner with them. While they’re at Hayato’s house, Mitsuki and Hayato have a heart-to-heart talk and Hayato learns why Mitsuki idolizes Akira so much.

Obviously, everything has to return to normal at the end of the episode in order for the series to continue as it has been. Unfortunately, this means the understanding that Mitsuki and Hayato gain of each other manages to be destroyed, so any progress in their character interaction is gone. Which is a bit of a shame, because it would have made for an interesting evolution for Mitsuki and Hayato.

Overall, while this episode isn’t quite as disappointing as the previous two episodes had been, it’s still not quite as strong as the first three episodes of the series. At least it felt a bit more relevant, unlike last week’s episode where Mitsuki was playing detective.

From what I’ve seen, it appears there are only 12 episodes of Meganebu!, so it looks like I’ve almost reached the end. At this point, I’ll go ahead and stick it out for the remaining episodes just to see where the series ultimately ends up going to for its conclusion.

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