Back at the end of Episode Eight, Asagi surprised Kojou by kissing him. In Episode Nine, Asagi tells him that she wants him to meet her in the art room after school and that he needs to come alone. When Kojou gets there, he discovers that she needs him to be a model for her so she can do a drawing for an elective art project. Asagi gets a bit flirty with him during this section, and the two of them end up getting into costumes and taking pictures of each other. Unfortunately, Asagi doesn’t get the project done. She tells Kojou he’ll need to model for her on Saturday. She also tells Kojou that she can tell he’s hiding something from her and wants him to tell her what he’s hiding.

Later, Kojou talks with Yukina, and he tells her about Asagi wanting to know what he’s hiding. Yukina asks if he’s going to tell her about being the Fourth Progenitor, and Kojou says he’s not sure. He knows it’d probably be best if she never found out, but keeping her in the dark could put Asagi in more danger.

There’s also a plot involving Kojou, Yukina, Nagisa, and a couple of Nagisa’s friends at the middle school. We are introduced to Kanon, a girl who was raised in a nearby monastery and is trying to find homes for the stray cats that she’s taking care of in the dilapidated church where she had been raised. While this was kind of amusing and cute, I don’t really see how it currently fits into the overarching story.

We also learn in this episode that Sayaka has suddenly started calling Kojou in the middle of the night for no real reason. According to Yukina, Sayaka used to have a hatred for phones, especially when it came to talking with males.

At the beginning of Episode Nine, a blonde woman we’ve never met before is on a rampage inside a ship called the Ragnvald, which is under the safeguard of the Order of the Sacred Ring. She’s trying to take someone that they’ve been sheltering on the ship. However, one of her henchmen comes in and says it looks like she got away. The blonde woman fights with a man on the ship, and he wields a sword that the woman calls a false holy sword. The woman summons something that creates waves, which knocks the guy to the ground and shatters his sword. He looks up and wonders if those waves are connected with an angel.

Right at the end of the episode, Natsuki and Motoki are overlooking an injured young woman, and she was the fifth person apprehended the night before. It appears her spirit was somehow taken out of her body. Dimitre makes an appearance, and we learn that there may be some connection between the injured woman and the Ragnvald. I’m sorry I don’t have much more information about this whole business with the Ragnvald, but not much of anything was provided during the episode. I’m still trying to wrap my head around exactly what all of this may be about. All I can deduce is that it’s going to be an important element for this story arc, but it’s just very vague right now. Hopefully the next episode will expand on this further.

My favorite part of this episode was the Kojou and Asagi section, because it was both relevant to the overarching story, and I could understand and follow what was going on. And that bit about Sayaka calling Kojou seems to bolster my opinion that Sayaka has developed an interest in Kojou.

At this point, I can start sensing that Strike the Blood is getting closer to reaching its conclusion. Unfortunately, the preview for Episode 10 didn’t really show anything of any real importance, especially anything that could help me to better understand that plot point that focuses on the Ragnvald. However, I’ve seen enough of the series now and have gotten to know the characters a lot better, so I’m interested in coming back next week to see what will happen to progress the story.

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