The official US site for the Star Blazers 2199 anime has announced information on the domestic release of the series.

The first volume will include four episodes of the series and will include the original Japanese audio with English and Spanish subtitles. The DVD releases will be priced as US$34.99 each while the Blu-ray release will be priced at US$44.99 each.

Pre-orders can be made at:

This is the release schedule for the DVDs and Blu-rays:

  • Volume 1: February 27, 2014
  • Volume 2: April 2014
  • Volume 3: June 2014
  • Volume 4: August 2014
  • Volume 5: October 2014
  • Volume 6: December 2014 (this volume will include six episodes and be considered a premium version with a higher price)