Episode Nine picks up right where Episode Eight ended, with Natsume and Kyoko trying to help Zenjiro capture the nue. Unfortunately, the nue manages to escape. Zenjiro and Natsume get onto Zenjiro’s motorcycle and follow the nue.

Meanwhile, Touji wakes up in bed, with the principal sitting by his bedside. He learns that the principal loosened the seal on his ogre so he could control the ogre instead of just holding it back. She also tells him that his doctor put a condition on this treatment: that only Harutora operates it. Later, the principal provides Touji with Yukikaze, the Tsuchimikado family familiar that we saw earlier in the series so he can catch up to Natsume and Harutora. It turns out Natsume’s father had sent the familiar there. Tenma also gives Touji Harutora’s staff and asks Touji to take it to him.

In the rest of the episode, Zenjiro ends up fighting with a Yakou devotee named Mutobe that has been setting off the recent spirit disasters, while Harutora, Natsume, and Touji battle against the nue.

There was one portion of the fight with the nue that kind of annoyed me. Kon tries to go after it, and it simply flicks her away like an annoying fly. When Harutora asks her to go after the nue again, the animators obviously reused the footage we had just seen. Fortunately, the footage was only reused once. However, the usage was so close together that it was a little annoying to me as a viewer.

Right at the end of the episode, an older gentleman in a vehicle named Doman Ashiva makes an appearance. The audience saw him talking to Mutobe in an earlier episode. However, when he arrives, Jin and Kon seem to know who he is right away simply by his presence, and are rather shocked. Once Natsume learns what his name is, she also reacts with shock. I’m very curious now to learn why these characters are reacting the way they are toward this character. I suspect future episodes of Tokyo Ravens will reveal this to us.

The majority of Episode Nine focuses on action, specifically on the battle against the nue. However, there are some revelations that are made during the episode that should help propel the story forward. And after hearing a comment Reiji makes near the end of the episode, I’m expecting to see the Yakou devotees trying to do more in future episodes of the series. I’m curious to see whether or not I’m right.

I’m still enjoying Tokyo Ravens, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story progresses from here in Episode 10.

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