BlazBlue: Alter Memory: Episode 9 – “The Power of Order”

There were ultimately four plot points that took place in this episode, so I’m going to break this down by plot points.

First, we actually see the Arakune from Episode Eight here. Dr. Litchi is investigating a location and comes across Hazama, who informs her about the Arakune being behind her and the fact that the Arakune is Roy, a man she held dear. He tempts Litchi by telling her that he might be able to restore Roy to what he once was. Unfortunately, this is all we see of this plot point in this episode. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this somewhere in the remaining episodes of the series.

Noel and Makoto make it to the NOL guardhouse. There ends up being a lot of “info dumping” that takes place here, because Makoto spends several minutes explaining things to Noel that the audience already knows. After the explanation, Makoto calls Kokonoe and tells her she has Noel. Kokonoe says she’ll be sending someone shortly and that the rendezvous will be in 30 minutes. She calls Tager and tells him to go to a location she gives to him in order to meet up with Noel and Makoto. When he gets there, he finds Hazama waiting, and the two of them get into a fight. When Noel and Makoto arrive, they find that Hazama has defeated Tager.

Meanwhile, Jin encounters Tsubaki, and she tells him that he is charged with acting against orders on numerous occasions as well as desertion. Jin refuses to surrender himself, saying that there’s someone he needs to see. Tsubaki dons her Armagus, and the two of them battle. After having a conversation with her during the battle about why she fights and debating with her about whether or not the Imperator really fights for justice, Jin realizes why he hasn’t been able to activate his Archenemy. This realization allows him to activate it. After using his freezing ability to freeze Tsubaki in place, Jin heads on his way to find Ragna.

Ragna is approached by his Master, who warns him not to die by saying, “Even if you cannot win, do not die.” After receiving this warning, Ragna heads on his way. The episode ends with Ragna and Jin encountering each other.

One of my biggest disappointments in this episode had to do with Jin. Earlier in the episode, he seemed to have learned some lessons after meeting the guy from the civil war with Ikaruga, especially during his conversation with Tsubaki. Here I was thinking that it was wonderful that he had finally progressed beyond the character he had been earlier in the series, but after he has his realization and can activate his Archenemy again, he suddenly reverts back to the old Jin. So any character development Jin had gained in the series was completely lost by the end of Episode Nine.

While it was important for Makoto to relay information to Noel, the way it was done in this episode ultimately felt like an “info dump” and made that portion of the episode a little on the boring side. Oh well.

So, nine episodes of BlazBlue: Alter Memory are done. At this point, it appears the pieces have just about fallen into place for whatever the climax of the series is going to be. Hopefully, the series will be able to go out with some kind of a bang to make up for how it’s been up to this point.

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