Voltron: Fleet of Doom is a one hour special where the Lion Force Voltron team and the Vehicle Voltron team come together to fight an alliance between Planet Doom and the Drule Empire.

Voltron: Fleet of Doom
English Publisher: World Events Productions
Format: DVD

While this is supposed to be the premise, the two Voltrons and their respective pilots don’t spend a lot of screen time together. In fact, they only truly team up right near the end of the special. Much more emphasis is placed on the Lion Force Voltron characters, especially on a sub-plot concerning Zarkon’s witch, Haggar, stealing Princess Allura’s soul and Keith having to go into a “dream dimension” to save her. While the idea of having the two Voltrons teaming up together is an interesting one, the potential for this idea is never fully realized within this story. Honestly, I thought the whole plot with Allura and Keith was rather weird.

I wonder if the special was produced the same way the 20 episodes of the second season of the Lion Force Voltron were produced. For those 20 episodes, basic plot ideas were sent to the Japanese production company, and they wrote the scripts and animated he footage. Once the footage was complete, it was sent to America to have the English voice actors dub in their voices. If the special was produced in this manner, it would probably help to explain why it turned out the way it did.

I also have to add the animation in this special was even worse in quality than most of the 20 episodes produced for the second season of the Lion Force Voltron series. At the time this aired, I couldn’t believe that such piss-poor animation was used for something that was supposed to be a special.

World Events Productions self-released the DVD release for Fleet of Doom that I’m reviewing here. Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with this release. There was a poor job done on the audio mastering. While the dialogue can be heard clearly, the background music and sound effects are soft and mixed so far into the background, that it can be hard to hear them. Also, unlike the other Voltron DVD releases, significant “dead space” is left between the bumps for the commercial breaks. This “dead space” really hurts the flow of the special.

There are five special features included on this Fleet of Doom DVD release. The first is “Character/Vehicle Slide Show,” which combines production art and stills from both Vehicle Voltron and Lion Force Voltron and also includes some token shots from the Fleet of Doom special. However, the viewer has no way of controlling when the pictures change, and the slideshow runs for way too long, especially for a slideshow that doesn’t have any background music included. This feature would have been stronger if it had been shorter, and put more focus on Fleet of Doom.

The next feature is “Original Series Openers.” This feature plays the openings for Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Voltron back-to-back, instead of giving the viewer a menu and allowing the viewer to choose which opener they want to see. “Man on the Street” is the exact same special feature that appeared on the Voltron Volume 4 DVD box set. Wow, way to recycle a previously used bonus feature!

The “Fan Films” feature takes the “Fan Films” feature from the Voltron Volume 3 set, but removes the music video and replaces it with two new fan films not in the original special feature. While this is technically also a recycled bonus feature, at least World Events did make some noticeable changes to it. The final extra is “Other WEP Cartoons,” which is a menu where you can choose to watch promos for Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Vytor: The Starfire Champion, and Voltron: The Third Dimension.

I would only recommend Fleet of Doom for die-hard Voltron fans who have to own every Voltron-related DVD release in their home video collection.

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